Sunday, April 30, 2006

SATURDAY - Best and Worst Dancer

I tried to sleep in a little as I knew I had a long day ahead of me. After I got dressed I went over to Mike's to see if he had any daily reports for me and to find out what he needed me to get done that had to be finished on the week-end. Went back home to work on that. Made me some brunch and did a little house work.

The day was short as I had to drive over to Dorothy's for 3:30...that meant I had to stop working about 2:00 so I could shower and get ready. Everyone was ready to leave for church when I got to Dorothy's so I parked my car in her driveway and got in Theresa's for the ride to church. I again enjoyed the Mass and felt a sort of peace...I haven't received Communion yet. After church we headed to Theresa's for dinner. She had made a dinner which included sliders. This was my first time having them. In case you don't know what they are here is a definition.

An old French Canadian recipe which originated during the depression. It consists of tender pieces of chicken or beef and homemade noodles swimming in a delicious gravy.

She had mashed potatoes, broccoli, relishes, tossed salad, rolls, and slices of beef to go with it. She had cherry cheesecake for dessert. We were stuffed when we finished and weren't sure how we were going to dance. BTW, Maurice had joined us at church and also for dinner. He had followed us in his car. During the meal we discussed us taking turns on Saturday night hosting a meal. After dinner Theresa brought out her old wedding album. As she is married to (but legally separated from) Dorothy and Reba's brother, it was fun seeing how all three of them looked at the wedding 50 years ago. They were in her wedding party. After helping clear the table Maurice said he would head over to his house with Reba and we could meet there. Theresa was going to leave her car at his house and he was going to drive us the rest of the way. I wanted to stay and help clean up but I was told to go with them. I think they wanted me to chaperone Maurice and Reba hahahaha! We went in for a few minutes at Maurice's while we waited for the others. When they arrived we were off for the next leg of the night.

The route we were taking was the same as the other night he drove us but we were going another 7 miles out. We saw wild turkeys in the fields...and passed a couple of Amish farms. Those Amish people that were out waved to us. We saw one Amish farmer leading two beautiful work horses. We saw the farm with the Emus and the Llamas and then we had to brake as 4 white tail deer crossed the road in front of us...they are beautiful but scary how they come out of nowhere and sprint in front of you. We made a note to be careful going home on that road at night. We also passed another farm with some animals which I am not sure what they were. I think they were some sort of sheep I had never seen before. I commented that it felt like we were going through a zoo.

When we arrived we discovered that the dance was being held in the town's Town Hall. Wow, this was the biggest and nicest set up I had seen. We did have to climb a flight of stairs to get their though. The usual crowd was there with a few new faces. After greeting those we knew we found 5 seats together..we got there just as the band was playing the first song. Okay..the title talks about the best and the worst dancer. We were soon to see the worst dancer. Her and her husband were seated on our side of the room at the end...and here they came...all our mouths fell open. Where they learned to dance I will never know! The steps instead of being flowing were done with force and stomping. We could feel the vibration in the floor as they went by. Then came the step dance which he didn't do..she did it with other women and I never saw anything like it...she was kicking up her leg and everything was moving...square dancing was the same thing...everyone had to get out of the way of her kick...and when there was swinging she didn't let the man lead..she just about knocked them off their feet...we were just dieing laughing. I said there is no way she is going to keep up this tempo all night...everyone agreed...but you know what...SHE DID!!! Right to the very end. We were laughing at her but not in a mean way...I mean the woman (I'd say they were in their 50's or 60's) was just enjoying herself and you could tell she thought she was a great dancer...she was having fun!! and that's what it was all about...but it was fun to watch too LOL.

We were there about an hour when I saw a young couple show up. I would say they were in their early 20's. Now this we had never seen at one of these functions. They started dancing the minute they got their and we saw that she was the dancer and she was teaching him to dance. They were doing a fancy fox trot...or trying to...he had no rhythm whatsoever but he was trying. You could see she had done a lot of dancing...she moved beautifully on the floor. She had a animal skin themed skirt on and long long legs. Well then came what they call step dancing but I have looked it up and it is actually clog dancing. For those of you that don't know what that is think River Dance. Here is a definition I found on a web site.

Clog dancing is a type of dancing of which the three main characteristics are:
1. boisterous, fast footwork with steel plates or taps on the shoes
2. a fairly rigid torso
3. an up and down knee motion that differs from most other dance forms

The places we go do not allow steel plates or taps on shoes but everything else fits the description. Now you know why I can't do is completely foreign to me. She tried dancing it with him but he was hopeless and she was amazing. Well we found out later that she was there with her mother and father..they were the seniors...and her mother taught clog dancing. They did a dance together but the daughter was the better of the two....maybe the mother was when she was that age but the daughter was totally awesome that night.

She had never square danced but she wanted to learn... She caught on real quick and it was wonderful to watch her do what they call "right and left hand family". Now Miss Worse Dancer and her husband were in this same group so it was something to watch.

I didn't dance as much as usual because I didn't feel like it. I was weighed down with that heavy meal and was kinda tired but I had a blast watching the dancers. There were some others there last night I had never seen before and they were good dancers and it was fun to watch them too. I did square dance once and everyone said I had improved. I mentioned to the group that this was only my second time and told them where I got mixed up and the man to my right said he would make sure I was headed in the right direction and he kept his word! He had a hold on me and made sure I was where I was suppose to be LOL. He said he had been square dancing since he was 8 years old.

Another thing we were watching was this nice looking man who was sporting a very bright new wedding band dancing with a lot of different women. I had overheard someone ask him if he had just gotten married but I was walking by and didn't hear the answer. We were trying to figure out who he was with. He was sitting near this heavy set woman but he never danced with her. Almost always a different woman..rarely the same one twice. He was a very good dancer too. During the last square dance I see him cross the floor coming directly at me. He had been sitting directly across from me. I said to myself he can't be coming to talk to me...but he came and sat down next to me. He introduced himself and said that he was married and pointed out the heavy set lady. He said that she had arthritis real bad and couldn't dance but didn't mind him dancing with other women. He asked me if I danced and I said yes. He wanted to know if he asked me to dance would I reject him and I said no. He thanked me and left. I thought that was very gentlemanly of him to approach me that way. I don't remember seeing him have conversations with the women he danced with previously....unless he had these conversations at prior dances..or I just missed it. Well they played another couple of dances and he didn't ask me and I was kinda glad because they were fast ones. It was getting close to the end of the dance...10:45 and we wanted to get out before the crowd. Reba is still using a cane and there were stairs she had to handle. We waved good-bye to everyone and they waved to us...we had to pass this man who was resting and he said "I didn't get my dance with you". I told him I was sorry but I was outnumbered on the decision to leave...maybe next time. *smiles*

On the way home, on that same road we had the deer cross we saw the eyes of 5 deer on the side of the road at different intervals...that was a bit scary. Oh I have to update you on Reba and Maurice. I found out later that he held her hand all the way home and he asked her if she would go out to lunch with him this week. They are just soooo darn cute!! We changed cars at Maurice's and then I got in my car at Dorothy's and headed home...I got in at 11:45 That was a long day. I was still wound up from the dance so I watched a CSI I had recorded earlier and then headed to bed. Read for a short period of time and then lights out.

Hope you all have a great day!

FRIDAY - Shopping Day

The morning was busy as I had to get trash out and finish up some paperwork I wanted to take to town to have Tim sign. I e-mailed him to see if he was going to be in the office in the afternoon but got no reply. I gave up waiting for a response and went anyway planning on taking a chance that he had just been out to lunch. I took my cell phone with me. I was glad I did as the office was locked up tight. I didn't have my key with me and I didn't want to leave the things I had anyway as I wanted to make sure that they made it to the mail box on time and the signed blank checks would do me no good if they were still at the office.

I went ahead and did my shopping stopping after every leg to give the office a call on my cell phone. Still no answer so I figured he and Bernie were at a meeting or had taken the afternoon off. I knew that Colleen was taking a vacation day. I went to the bank and Price Chopper for groceries. I headed to Joann Fabrics to get some more greenery to do another pot and I gave up on my cactus garden. I have filled it 3 times and it keeps dieing...not enough sun. So I am going to put some silk ivy plants in it and forget about it. I then headed to Radio Shack for my monthly pick up of ink cartridges. Off to KMart for some cat food and a knife sharpener for the new knives I bought a while back. I browsed a bit and picked up some cosmetic items...gosh the price of lipstick is unreal.

My next stop was Aldi's. I ran into one of the ladies I see at Senior Citizens when we go dancing. She had never acknowledged me there but she said hi and we had a nice chat in the check out line. We talked about the upcoming dance.

When I got home I was too tired to cook so I called the local restaurant, and to my delight they were having beer battered fish as a special so I got an order to go. I spent the rest of the evening relaxing watching TV.

Friday, April 28, 2006


I am not going to bore you with my Monday and Tuesday as they were just typical working days and the evening I watched TV. I enjoyed American Idol and I am still cheering Taylor on. I must say though Chris was very good. Nashville Star was also great. I still want Chris to win but boy was Casey good...he really did a super job on that song. Only one more week and the winner will be named.

Wednesday was a typical work day but I had to get ready to go to the Moose Club where our local Senior Citizens was having our Easter Dinner. I drove over to Dorothy's and picked her up. I was doing the driving for a change. I figured it would still be light when the dinner was over as we wouldn't be playing Bingo. They had us set up in a nice section which included a fire place. Tables of 6 where set up for us. I think 23 or 24 people attended. The dinner was very good. We sat at a table that had a couple that lives up the street from me and we had a nice time chatting. I handed out my recipe for the Broccoli Casserole to those that wanted it and there were many. After the dinner some of the other people came over to chat with us. The President of the Club told me that he was trying to work something out where he would share my booth at Market Barn with me. Again I felt a part of the group... We left and when I got to Dorothy's she invited me in to play a game of cards. I did and left around 9:00.

Thursday was another typical work day but I had to stop early and get ready for Theresa and the girls to pick me up at 4:00. We went to the Senior Citizens in a nearby town. We were going for supper and the dance. So different walking into these now as so many people are now familiar faces and are greeting me with a smile and hello. Maurice joined us at our table and we had a lovely pork chop supper. After the meal came the dance. During the evening a wife of one of the muscians came over to talk to me. She said that ever since she was introduced to me she has been trying to place me. She knew she had met me before. What a memory she has. It seems that we were set up together at some craft shows and that was way back when my husband use to set up for our business. She remembered him and how he use to wear bib overalls and a straw cowboy hat...she thought he was real cute hahahaha. She is a real nice person and so is her husband so that was nice that we had that chat. I did a lot of dancing but no square dancing...I was kinda tired. Barbara said that she was happy I had joined them and that it was like a big family and that is a good way to describe the feeling you get at these dances. Like a bunch of relatives come together for a party (without the fighting LOL). I mentioned before how the married men even dance with other women ...friends of the wife. Well as we were leaving one said goodnight to me and he said I'm dancing with you next time... So I guess I am being accepted in the group. *smiles*

Have a busy week-end ahead. Saturday night I am going to church with the girls then we are going to Theresa's house for supper..then driving to Maurice's and he will drive us to a dance 20 miles away. Sunday we are going to the AMVETS for supper. I need some rest... LOL

Hope you all have a great day!

Monday, April 24, 2006

SUNDAY - A Much Needed Day of Rest

My furbabies let me sleep in. The morning was spent on the computer and then I made a nice brunch of egg beaters and turkey bacon. In the afternoon I spent most of the day embroidering and watching programs on the TV that I had recorded. Made me a nice supper of steak and tomatoes and spent the evening doing more embroidering and watching TV.

I had trouble finding my place on the chart so I sent away for a magnetic board with markers and that came in this week. What a difference. Now it is much more enjoyable again.

Went to bed the usual and then lights out. I guess my boys have missed me going out so much...they were curled tightly against me... LOL

Hope you all have a great day!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

SATURDAY - 8 Hours Out and About

I spent the morning doing some housework and since I slept in a bit the morning went rather quickly. I didn't have breakfast and I really didn't feel for eggs and bacon for a brunch...I decided to satisfy a craving I was having for BLTs. I use low calorie bread and turkey bacon so it didn't hurt my diet....was delicious!!

Dorothy called and told me that Mass was at 4:00 and since they like to go early and get good seats they would be picking me up at 3:30. Well that makes for a short afternoon as I needed to shower and get dressed and put a face on. I wore the outfit that Dorothy's sister Reba's daughter gave me. Boy did that make Reba happy.

They picked me up for Mass and I was a bit scared. I have not been to Mass in over 30 years. As we were going in, I saw a lot of people I knew...the church is in my little town of 800 people. The looks of surprise to see me were pretty funny. I entered the church...blessed myself with holy water and then just about everything after that was different then what I remembered. I have to say though that I like all the changes. I liked Mass being in English...and they provide a book for you to follow along. I like how we parishioners participate in the Mass. I liked the priest...he was very friendly and down to earth. Again I felt that feeling of belonging...something I have never really experienced in church before. When we got to the car the ladies asked how I liked it..and I told them I was pleasantly surprised over the whole experience. They said you can come with us every week. There was that feeling of belonging again.. LOL

We headed over to Maurice's house for Pizza. It seems he had won this huge home made pizza at the Adults Center and he had it in his freezer because it was too big for just him. It was just right for the 5 of was huge and so delicious. He showed us around his beautiful home while the pizza was cooking. He is a clock maker and does other woodworking projects like cabinets and shelving. After the pizza we had Monkey Cake that Theresa made and we had to sample Maurice's cookies so we were pretty stuffed. He showed us pictures of him and his wife and then he brought out a Christmas present a relative had given him. Krissy you wuld have loved it. It was made up of printed copies of scrapbooking pages of photographs of his a family tree in picture form...everything dated and everyone named. It was truly wonderful...something every family should have.

Now it was time for the ride to the dance. It was raining but that didn't dampen our spirits. We climbed into Maurice's car and we were off. He had a tape of beautiful instrumental dance music. Really set the mood. On the way we stopped for a minute and from the car we saw a farm that has Emus and Llamas. Maurice called them Ostriches but I am pretty sure they were Emus.

When we arrived at the dance the band was set up and many people were already there. Again a lot of familiar faces...I said to our group...I don't know why we don't get a bus and all go together LOL. As the place filled up though I did see many people I didn't know...we were 13 miles from home and I am sure they were people from that area but they were very friendly and everyone intermingled nicely. We thought since it was Senior Citizens the dance was going to be from 7:00 to 9:00 or 10:00 but it turned out it was 7:00 to 11:00. It started off a bit boring as there didn't seem to be any women dancing together and we didn't want to start it. There were a lot of men at this dance but they were all paired off. They did dance with other women but it was women in their little group..kinda exchanged partners. After about an hour or so we did see one woman dance with another woman and that's all it took...other women started to dance together too.

I noticed a big difference in my legs. When we first started dancing my legs felt weak and rubbery but last night they felt strong. On one of the dances I had with Maurice he asked me why I wouldn't square dance. I told him because I didn't know how and I didn't want to mess other people up. He said well that is the only way you are going to learn and they won't mind. He asked me if I would do the next square dance with him.. I said I would like to try. When we entered the group he told them I was new at it and they were just wonderful about it. I made some goofs and it got us all was so much fun!!

We heard the story about Maurice. His wife died about 2 years ago and he had to go into counseling as he couldn't stop crying. His therapist advised him to join Senior Citizens and he did that about a year ago and it changed his life. It looks like he is smitten with Dorothy's sister Reba who also lost her spouse 2 years ago. She has had a rough 2 years..lost her husband, lost her foster daughter (disabled), recovering from cancer, had to have a total hysterectomy, and then not long ago had knee surgery. She walks with a cane and you should see how he takes such good care of is so sweet. She is adamant about not having another man in her life in one breath and then in the next she says to me...he is such a nice man isn't he?? LOL

I had another evening of feeling like I belonged. I am getting more comfortable with the ladies and Maurice. More comfortable with the people at the dance who are now talking to me...they include me in their welcome when we arrive and their good byes when they or we leave. I think that I am moving along better than I expected in my Search for a New Life.

We had a wonderful time dancing and we stayed till almost the end...left at 10:45. Maurice drove us safely to his house and we said our thank yous and goodbyes and climbed into Theresa's car for the ride home. I got in at 11:30. Watched one CSI program to unwind and headed to bed. Read a chapter and then lights out.

Hope you all have a great day!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

FRIDAY - Visiting Day

Got up my usual time and had my usual routine in the morning. I then went to Lisa's to pick up the work Mike had left me. Lisa asked me how my evening went and that was the beginning of a long visit. We had a great chat about our mothers, our children, our husbands, our friends, our lives in the past, now and in the future. LOL I think we covered everything. Needless to say when I got home my morning was gone.

In the entrance way was a huge box that UPS had dropped off. It was the Indian pieces to finish off my mantle. I was so excited. It was too heavy for me to bring in the house so I had to open it there. I was amazed at the quality of the merchandise for the prices I paid. I got them at Collections Etc. I didn't want to pay a whole lot for what I put up there because Garfield might get up there and knock them down. He already broke a beautiful Milk Glass vase I use to have there. I think what I got was just perfect and I love it. Wanna see?

The detail on the Indian doll is incredible. If you go to the site you can see a close up of the items...think they are listed under Southwestern or Western.

There was also an e-mail waiting from Tim asking if I could some banking for him this afternoon. I said sure right after I had a bite to eat. Well that meant I had to "put on a face" ...can't be scaring the towns folks...LOL I had to make this deposit because I had the tax coupon needed to go with it...when I got there Tim pulled in at the same time to deposit some money in the business and home accounts. As he was filling out the deposit slips in the bank we got into a nice chat so I spent more time there than I had planned. What a visiting day...I wasn't getting much done.

I had decided that the next time I went to town I was going to the jewelers and splurge on a white gold chain for the diamond heart my husband had given me years and years ago. It would look so nice with the outfits I have been wearing. I quit buying chains years ago because I kept breaking them and I was afraid I would lose the heart. I heard that they make better chains now and they are guaranteed. I had to wait around as the jeweler was the only one in the store and he had two customers ahead of me. As I was looking around I saw several diamond hearts in various sizes. There was one that was almost a duplicate of the one I have. I bought the chain and it looks lovely. It cost more than I wanted to spend but what good is that beautiful piece doing sitting in my jewelry box eh? Plus it brings back such lovely memories of the day he gave it to me.

When I got home I realized when I saw Lisa and Mike's empty trash barrels that I had forgot to put out the trash. Oh well...he will get twice as much next week LOL.

I did some book work till supper time. I called the restaurant to see what the special was...guess since Lent is over they don't have fish on Friday anymore...darn! So I just made me a frozen dinner and watched TV the rest of the evening. I went to bed early as I was tired and need to catch up on my rest. I finished my book and was sad it ended...when you read 3 books with the same characters you get attached LOL. I started a new one and it should be a fun read. It is another Nora Roberts. Two books in one about a Time Traveler and I just love to read about Time Travelers.

Hope you all have a great day.

Friday, April 21, 2006

THURSDAY - A Turning Point

The day was a typical working day for me except that I did get up an hour early because I knew I had a lot of bookkeeping to do and I was going out that night. Dorothy called and said she decided to do all the driving and would pick me up first and then pick up the others. She said she was picking me up at 5:00 so I had to boogie so I could get my work done and get ready to go out.

We were going to a town 13 miles from home to a dance being held at the Fire Station. The band that we follow was playing there. I guess we are Groupies ... LOL They were serving finger foods so I didn't bother with supper.

Our first stop was at Dorothy's SIL. I discovered she didn't live that far from me. I went in for a second as Dorothy had something to drop off and Theresa wanted to show us a quilt she made. She has a lovely home... Now we were on our way to pick up Dorothy's sister Reba and her friend Gladys that lives across from Reba. Reba came to the car with a set she thought I would didn't fit her daughter any more. It is a color I have never worn...sort of a reddish plum and it consisted of a sleeveless top and a matching long sleeve jacket made of the same material.

The 5 of us headed to the Fire Department. Cars were already there and the music was playing when we arrived. Maurice got a table for all of us to sit together. It was a small group and I recognized most of them as fellow Groupies.. LOL I wasn't thinking the evening was going to be that special but we were doing a lot of talking and laughing. When it was my turn to dance with Maurice he picked kind of a fast slow dance... and then towards the end he started to twirl me to the know where the man separates from the woman and twirls her around..sort of like in a jitterbug fashion only slower. I had never seen him do that before nor did he do it the rest of the was neat though...brought me back to my old CYO dance days. I danced most of the night ..either with him or one of the ladies I was with. I even got up and tried a step dance. I felt so awkard but it was fun too.

When the band announced that they were going to be playing at a town 20 miles from us Saturday night Maurice asked if we were going. We said no too far. He said you ladies come with me. Well they started to make plans about going to church and then he said come to my house for Pizza after church and then we'll leave from there. I said can you pick me up after church. Dorothy said sure but why don't you come with us. I said no for a while and they said come on...come with us. So Saturday I am going to church. I haven't been in years...and it was probably for a wedding or a family funeral. Also they mention that a store at the mall, Bon Ton's was having a one day 20% sale for Seniors Wednesday and wanted me to go with them to see about getting some "dancing" clothes. I think I can manage that.. Also I noticed the other people that were a bit stand offish before were smiling at me and saying hello when I passed them. I had this great feeling of belonging. It was so neat. A real Turning Point in my life.

Around 9:00 the dance ended and we headed home. When only Theresa was left in the car I mentioned I had bought some pants last year but I couldn't wear them because they are too long. Theresa said I will shorten them for you. Pin them where you want them and bring them Saturday. That was so nice of her.. (I don't sew) After Dorothy dropped everyone off at their homes she got me home about 10:00. I was plenty tired but happy. I had a wonderful night. I went in the house with a smile on my face.

Watched the Cooking Show I had recorded and headed to bed for some heavy snoring.

Hope everyone had a great day.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

WEDNESDAY - Another Average Day

When I was dressing this morning I was looking for a light sweat shirt as the house is still chilly...the warmth from outside hasn't penetrated yet. I found one I hadn't worn in a couple of years. Tried it on and it FIT!! That started off my day in a good vein. I weighed in this morning and saw that I had lost 1/2 lb...very happy about that because of all the eating out and Easter... I have been cheating. I have been more active though so that is probably helping.

Spent the day working on books except for the quick trip to town I had to make. Mike needed me to do some banking and so I stopped at Aldi's and picked up a few things I needed. That should do me for this week...I'll stay home and save some money.. LOL Speaking of saving money...when I got the mail today there was a bill from my accountant. My first thought was how much did he go up this year?? To my utter amazement it was $75.00 less. I guess it's because I am finally single now and not jointly. That was a pleasant found money!

In the evening I watched TV....Amazing Race first..I was taping Bones so I couldn't tape the Cooking show..but I heard it was also on Bravo so I found it and it was on later in the evening so I taped it to see later. Next was American Idol final...anyone else surprised (shocked) to see Chris in the bottom 3...that will take a little wind out of his sails. I watched Bones that I had taped and then headed to bed. I wanted to get up early the next day as I have a lot to do before I can go out for the evening.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

TUESDAY - Busy Day

My day started with being awoken by the phone. It was Dorothy calling me from her sisters canceling out our plans for the evening. Since I didn't know we had plans for the evening I wasn't very disappointed. LOL I got up and started my day when soon the phone was ringing again. It was Mike and he needed me to find an insurance paper and fax it to his client as without it the job was being held up. Something about a piece of equipment he needed to use and they wouldn't let him until he showed them proof of insurance...something we already did previously but I guess they misplaced it. All of that screwed up the rhythm of my day but then I was back on schedule by noon. I missed brekky so I just had a big salad for lunch.

I worked on the Mike and Tim's books all afternoon. When I saw Mike come home I went to see him so he could sign some paper work that I needed to get in the mail and then I quit for the evening.

I made me a couple of turkeyburgers on wheat Kaiser rolls. I added a nice slice of white onion and they were really tasty. Filled me up good as I only had one pudding for dessert during the evening.

I was totally looking forward to TV as American Idol and Nashville Star was on. I recorded the Cooking Show to be watched in between the two. American Idol was so good last night. I thought they all did a super job except Kellie...even though I am a Country fan ..I am not a fan of hers. Taylor was wonderful...I smiled through the whole performance...he is just the sweetest guy. I thought Kathleen was wonderful. I have mentioned that on Nashville Star my favorite is Chris but last night Casey gave him a run for his money. It was a good show also.

Yesterday I sent for a magnetic board and markers for my counted cross stitch. I am having a hard time finding my place when I am working on it. I also sent for a new wolf one that just came out. It is a small picture of a wolves head. I have a perfect spot for it.

I went to bed the usual time...fell asleep reading so lights out for another day.

Hope you all have a great day.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

MONDAY - A Quiet Day

I decided even though my clients were working the day after Easter, I was not. I was going to have a 3 day week-end. I didn't do much except relax. I embroidered while I watched TV...I played games at had a new addition to my Sims2 Game...the Family Fun Stuff Add On. I played with that for a couple of hours.

I had a couple of turkey bacon on reduced calorie toast sandwiches for brunch and steak and tomatoes for supper. In the evening I had some sugar free butterscotch pudding.

I had a very quiet day and enjoyed it with my furbabies. Oh I forgot...I did make up some time sheets for Mike to look at but that was all the work I did all day.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Monday, April 17, 2006

SUNDAY - Easter

Since it was a holiday I chose to sleep in a little. I took my time drinking my coffee and catching up on the internet. I watched some things I had recorded while I ate my brunch.

Spent the afternoon relaxing and watching more of what I recorded. Around 4:00 I went to Lisa's. I noticed the grandmothers had arrived around 2:00 but I was told dinner would be around 5:00.. I just missed the h'orderves which was a good thing. I really didn't want to overeat too much. We sat around the living room watching videos of the kids in school plays. Lisa's children go to Parochial School and they do the Stations of the Cross. Her son played Jesus. He has long auburn hair.

Around 5'ish we sat down to eat. Everything was delicious. She had a spiral ham, yams cooked with nutmeg - cinnamon - and marshmallows (was wonderful), bean casserole, and mashed potatoes with gravy. I didn't over eat so I had room for dessert. There were 4 different one could make up their mind which to have so we all had a sliver of each topped with real whipped cream. By the time we finished it was close to 8:00 so we cleaned up the kitchen area and headed home.

I watched TV and then headed to bed to read. My furbabies must have missed me because they came right to bed too. After two years I have finally been able to dispense with the body pillow to sleep. The furbabies like that as it gives them more room and when they want they can sleep curled up closer to me... *smiles*

Hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

SATURDAY - Some Rest and the Mantle

I slept in about 30 mins and I got going because I had to make out checks and send in Mike's extension for his personal taxes. I drove them to the P.O. because I wanted to make sure they were postmarked and on their way. Around noon I made brunch of turkey bacon and egg beater eggs on my new griddle. The only item I needed this week from Aldi's was turkey bacon so I decided to spend a little more and get it at Price Chopper to save me time. It was made by Oscar Meyer so I was expecting it to be better than the one I get at Aldi's. Well the texture is more like real bacon but there is no taste. I think I will make sure that I get a few pkgs at Aldi's and throw some in the freezer to make sure I don't run out again and have to get it at Price Chopper.

After I ate the phone rang. I didn't recognize the name on my Caller ID so I thought it was either about ceramics or a wrong number. Turned out to be one of the ladies from Senior Citizens in town. She wanted to know if I could give her the recipe for my Broccoli Casserole because she wanted to make it for her family for Easter. I was so flattered and said sure. We also chatted a bit. I have made a new friend I think. Boy that recipe sure broke a lot of ice at the club.

In the afternoon I rested a little...watched some recorded TV but then I decided it was time to tackle my mantle. I have always had Milk Glass pieces up there and since I am changing my decor to western I had packed it up at Christmas time and put it away. I still had some holly and winter stuff on the mantle. A couple of years ago I had bought some garlands of different kinds of silk flower ivy when they were on sale. I had been looking for baskets to put them in but what I found was too expensive or just not right. This past week Jo-Ann Fabric had their baskets on sale for 50% off and I found what I had been looking for. I made up the arrangements in each basket. I had bought a couple of western looking pots with a silk plant in them a couple of weeks ago. Two of them didn't look right on the mantle but one in the center did. I also on one of my trips into Jo-Ann's, bought some pottery pots in earth tones. This week I found some bouquets of what looked like spring wild flowers to put in them. The clusters were a bit long so I had to cut them and what a job that was. I couldn't find my husband's wire cutters but I did find a tool that helped and perseverance paid off and I got them shortened. My mantle is very high up so I had to make many trips up and down a step ladder to get everything in it's proper place...spaced out correctly. I am including a picture but it doesn't really do it justice...does give you an idea of how it looks. I am not done yet. I have picked out a couple of Indian pieces that I am going to send a way for to fill in.

I had a baked potato I brought home from the restaurant Friday night for supper with some stuffed Cod Fish. Yum Yum. The rest of the evening I relaxed and watched TV....mostly stuff I had recorded...trying to clean out my DVR for the new week. I did a little embroidery also.

Off to bed at the usual time as I was tired. I read a chapter and had lights out but for some reason I couldn't fall asleep..lights back on and read a little more before I finally was able to call it a night.

Hope everyone has a great day and HAPPY EASTER!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

FRIDAY - Shopping and Dining

Friday mornings are always a busy morning. One of the main things I have to do is get the trash out. Tim was in his office e-mailing me all morning so I was working on things for him in between my usual morning chores and getting the trash out. I did take time to call the restaurant and see what the special was for tonight ...I asked if they were having beer battered fish and she said no... broiled haddock. I was so disappointed.

The afternoon was spent shopping and running errands. One of the errands was picking up my taxes. I was so scared as this is my first time filing completely on my own and my income is different now with the bookkeeping business. I was holding my breath but it turned out that it is something I can handle. WHEW!!! When I got home there was a message from Dorothy to call her. She wanted to know if I wanted to go to local restaurant for supper. I was so tired I sure didn't feel like making anything so I said sure. She said she would pick me up at 5:00 which gave me time to put groceries away and catch my breath a minute.

The restaurant was pretty crowded when we got there but we found a table. Dorothy asked what the special was and the waitress said 4 different kinds of fish and she started to name them. I couldn't believe my ears when she said beer battered fish. We were both happy to hear that. It was just as delicious as the last time...even better cause it was unexpected! We had a nice visit and I was hoping she wouldn't invite me to her house to play cards as I was really tired and wanted to head home and get in my jammies. Well she had been working in her yard all day so she felt the same way so she dropped me off home.

I immediately went upstairs and washed up and got in my jammies and spent the rest of the evening watching TV...I had a lot of CSI's I had recorded to see. They run several of them a day on the Spike Channel...reruns and since I didn't use to watch them.... many I have not seen.

I was in bed at usual time and read one chapter and I was off to sleep.

Hope you all have a nice day...and HAPPY EASTER!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

THURSDAY - Normal Quiet Day

This post will not take long. I had just a usual day...working on the books and some housework. I left word for Dorothy to call me when she returned home from her test at the hospital. She did and all is well... the doctor has decided that most of her problem is she hasn't been eating right since her husband died. She has promised to do better.

In the evening I watched TV. My DVR was full so I had to do some cleaning out...good thing some of my favorite programs were reruns so now it's only about 70% full..LOL

I love shopping on the internet. This week I received my make up and a wonderful grill/griddle for my stove. I had a big grill once but gave it away when I got my Corning Top...was not good to use it on that. This one is non-stick and such a nice fits on my two burners the long way and stores in my oven draw nicely...came with a bacon press and 4 rings to make pancakes and/or eggs perfect every time. I was looking through their catalog they sent with it and saw another item which was just what I was looking for. I have 3 cats laying on my bed so you can imagine what that does to my comforter. I have a brand new set..comforter, matching sheets, sham and skirt to put on my bed but I have been hesitant to do so. I wanted something cheap I could throw over the comforter for them to lie on. This catalog had just the thing. A fleece machine washable pet blanket....the pattern on it is paw prints. It was only about 12.00 so I ordered two so I can wash one while the other is on the bed. That came this week also.

Maybe today is a good time to show you my progress on the embroidery piece I am working on.

I think I have done well since I haven't been home much at night lately or I have been to tired to work on it.

Hope you all have a good day.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

WEDNESDAY - Pot Luck and Bingo

I won't bore you with my was a typical one. One change was I had to cook something to take to Pot Luck Dinner at our local Senior Citizens. I decided to make one of my specialties.. Broccoli Casserole At 5:30 I left the house and headed up the street to the Community Center.

I thought I might be too early because it starts at 6:00 but there were already cars in the parking lot. This was my first time going alone. I don't do alone very well so I was proud of myself for attempting this. No one ever gets a vibe from me that I am bashful and shy but I am. *smiles* I am sort of an introvert. Anyway I went in and I was warmly welcomed. I sat with the two elderly sisters that we sat across from the last two times we went. They still amaze me..especially the one that is 84. She is having 24 people for Easter and she is doing all the cooking...insists upon it!

When we were eating I was happy to hear people commenting on my dish and asking who made it. During the time after the meal and waiting for the meeting to start one lady who hadn't spoke to me before asked how I made the topping. I told the ingredients and I said I would bring her the recipe to the next dinner. All the ladies piped up said they would like it also. I then had a nice conversation with this lady. I think in one way it was a good thing for Dorothy not to be there as it gave me a chance to get to know the other ladies. I talked with a couple more during the evening. We played Bingo and I won two games so I ended up a dollar richer when I left.. LOL I really had a nice time and glad I went.

Since everyone wanted the recipe I will share it with you also.



Cook broccoli according to pkg and set aside.
Mix everything except broccoli and cheese together.
In greased casserole put a layer of broccoli using all broccoli.
Spoon mixture over this.
Sprinkle grated cheese all over the top.
Crumble Crackers or Crumbs all over the top.
In globs, put approximately 2 tsp of butter or margarine on top.

Cook in preheated 350 degree oven for 45 mins.

Note: you can change the flavor by changing what kind of soup, cheese or crackers you use. If you are dieting you can use non fat item substitutes...and it will still be delicious.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

TUESDAY - Dinner and a Dance

Well today was pretty usual in the morning, catching up on my email and forums...writing my blog. In the afternoon I had to get some bookwork done and then Dorothy called and said she would be picking me up at 4:00 to go to Senior Citizens for supper. It starts at 5:00 but apparently everyone gets there early to get seats to sit with their friends. When we arrived that proved to be true...the parking lot was loaded. That news left me with not much time to work and get changed to go but I managed to be ready when she picked me up.

This was my first time going to this particular Senior Citizen least to stay...I had picked something up once from there when we collecting can tabs..they donated to the cause. They had volunteers in pink aprons waiting on the tables. For 2.00 we had a pork dinner with dessert and we were waited on hand and foot. We only had to clear our table. I met some more new people that Dorothy and her sister introduced me to. There were also a lot of familiar faces. I am beginning to feel more comfortable at these functions.

After dinner the tables where folded and put away and the band set up and we paid another 2.00 for the dance. The same band, Old Timers were playing. Some of the people left...those that had come just for the meal...but the majority stayed. The band started playing at 6:00. It was a small crowd...I only danced twice. Once with Dorothy and once with Maurice. He was spread pretty thin amongst the women... LOL.

Dorothy wasn't having a great time either so she said if I didn't mind we would leave at 8:00 instead of 9:00 when it ended and I was agreeable to that. Don't get me wrong..we had a nice time but we were a bit tired.

When I got home I saw I had a message on my answering machine. It seemed Lloyd had stopped by during the day and I hadn't answered the door so he was worried about me...wanted me to call him when I got in. I have a battery operated door bell on the outside of the entry way. When the cats are on the porch, I lock that door. It doesn't always work so I didn't hear him. He said he had been in my town because he had gone to the chiropractor up the street. He is having some horrific back pain. He has to do a lot of ice pack treatment and see him again next Tuesday so Lloyd will stop by then to see me. I told him where I had been. I hadn't told him about my going out dancing yet. I mentioned that if he danced he might enjoy that. *We need another man to share LOL!!!*

After his call, I watched American Idol. Oh it was good to see Taylor back to himself. He is still my favorite. I just love him. I then watched Nashville Star and Chris is still my favorite on that show and he did a super job. Last night they had to sing an original song.

I was ready for bedtime and headed up to read. I didn't read long before it was lights out.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

MONDAY - Start of a Full Week

Well my furbabies alarm clocks were back in working condition and got me up on time. I spent the morning doing some housework and on the computer. I went to Mike's to get my work for the day and had a nice chat with Lisa. She invited me to Easter dinner. She is a great cook so I am looking forward to that. I went last year too. She invites her mother and mother-in-law so that makes it nice as I have women around my age to talk to.

After lunch I got to work. Monday is the day I work on time sheets and I had daily reports to write up and invoices to post. Had to start a round of billing for Tim so I was busy all afternoon.

For supper I decided to try something new. I had bought a package of seasoning to make Chinese Broccoli and of my favorite Chinese dishes. I had all the ingredients so decided tonight was the night to make it. Came out pretty good if I say so myself...not as good as the restaurants but not bad. As I was relaxing watching TV and embroidering Dorothy called. Her sister had given her a Blazer and top that was too big for her and her sister wanted me to try it on...she asked if I could come over... I said sure. When I got there I tried the jacket and it seemed to fit...I asked her if I could take the top home and try that on there and she said sure. She said her friend Elaine was coming to play a game of cards and would I like to stay and play a game. I said okay but just one game. We had a lot of good laughs and I left before 9:00. This is the card game we play. Phase 10

When I got home I watched Deal or No Deal and a CSI program and then got ready for bed. I decided to retry the jacket and as nice as it is it just isn't my style. I tried the top and was disappointed as it was too tight. I loved the color...sort of a lime green...loved the neckline but it did nothing for me so I will return both tomorrow with my regrets.

I am picking up Dorothy tomorrow at 4:30 to go to SC for dinner and dancing.

I read some and then it was lights out.

Hope you all have a great day!

Monday, April 10, 2006

SUNDAY - Rested Sorta! :)

Saturday night when I went to bed, I shut off my alarm for Sunday (had a chat with my 3 furbabies and asked them to let me sleep in). They were very understanding and I did get to sleep to 10:00 A. M. The downside to that is the morning goes by real fast when you do get up. It was a jammie day for me so that was relaxing.

Around noon I made brunch....turkey sausage and eggbeaters with chopped up onion and veggie cheese. Had some low cal Italian toast. Spent the afternoon alternating between working on clients books and watching TV recordings and embroidering. This week I am going to supper and dancing at the Senior Citizens in the next town East of me. Not sure I am going to supper and bingo at the Senior Citizens in my town. The beauty part of working at home as I can do it when I want to. Certain things like payroll of course have to be done at a set time...but everything else I can do to suit me.

In the evening I watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition....I shed some tears. I watched CSI..can't remember if it was one I had recorded or it was on LOL. I did some more is coming along nicely...almost time to show you my progress.

Went to bed usual time and started 3rd book of the Flower Trilogy written by Nora Roberts..lights out after chapter one.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

SATURDAY - A Night Out

I wasn't able to sleep in this Saturday as I had to bring my cookies to KMart for the Senior Citizens Bake Sale. I was suppose to be there at 9:00 but no way was I going to be able to make it. I got up at 8:00 but was slow moving. I figured that an hour or so later wasn't going to make that much difference. If they were selling good they would welcome new supplies at that time. :) As I was getting dressed, Dorothy called me and told me she had been out there and they were loaded with baked goods and no room on the table for any my plan was working out. LOL I also had to go to Jo-Ann Fabrics and exchange the can of silk flower cleaner I had bought as it wasn't spraying right.

I got to KMart some time after 10:00 and it worked out great. There was now some room on the table for my cookies and I saw two other ladies bring in their baked goods I was not the only one late. I heard later that the Bake Sale brought in close to $300.00.. Everyone was pleased. I was successful exchanging the plant cleaner and headed home.

I spent the day working and taking breaks watching TV and embroidering. I did clean all my silk flower plants but was disappointed. It didn't do the nice job that a brand I had used before did...wish I could remember what it was. I am going to try another brand Jo-Ann Fabric has. Next time I am in the store I will pick some up. They do look brighter and cleaner from a distance but up close not so good.

Dorothy called me to tell me the "girls" were picking me up about 6:20 to go to the Moose Club. The Old Timers Band was playing there. To tell you the truth I was not really looking forward to it this time. I said last week I had a good time and I did but when I had those few dances I felt that I was stiff and awkward. As I said before I haven't danced in 25 years so it was a bit scary. I was afraid that this week it would be the same and I would stumble and get embarrassed. Since I am determined to have a new life though I am not going to give up and stay home. The "girls" picked me up and they were all excited about an evening out dancing and I was trying to show some enthusiasm.

We arrived and the parking lot was loaded with cars...not like the night we came and a different band was playing. The gentleman we danced with last week, Maurice was there and he was waiting for us. We sat together at the same table. We ordered our drinks...I had a wine cooler and hoped that would help loosen me up. It wasn't too long when Maurice asked me to dance. We were all taking turns again. LOL But WoW!! I was dancing...I was really dancing! It was a slow number but it was a fast slow number if you know what I mean and I was keeping up...and I could see that Maurice was pleased...the other 3 "girls" are good dancers...they have danced all their lives. I ended up dancing with Maurice 4 times... I danced with Dorothy twice...and when I was left at the table by myself I got up and asked a lady I knew to long as she could lead. LOL I was so proud of myself for that. It was fun to walk in and have people know me now and be greeted and the same when we left. There was some new people there that I knew and they told me they were happy to see me out having fun. And you know what...I was having fun!!! This is great exercise. I ended up having 3 wine coolers during the evening. Hope all the dancing I did didn't come out of the bottles. That will be put to the test Tuesday as the band is playing at the Senior Citizens in Malone. We will be going to that and I think the dinner before the dance starts too. I was kidding with Dorothy and told her since there is no drinking at the Senior Citizens dances I will have to bring a flask in my purse... ROFL!!

I didn't get home till have 11:00 and had to unwind a little so it was kinda late when I got to bed...Thank goodness I can sleep in Sunday and I will!

Hope you all have a great day!

Saturday, April 08, 2006


The day was a typical Friday. Lots of things to do. I had my breakfast and got caught up on the computer reading email and forums and then I remembered what day it was. Time to get the trash together and put out. The weather has turned nasty again...pretty chilly out there. Oh I must tell you I was in a great mood because I had weighed myself and I had lost a lb this week. That brings the total to 16 1/2 lbs since I started. I had changed my snacks at night to sugar free pudding and grapes and I think that helped...night it my worse time.

When I had finished that it was time for lunch so I made a nice salad. I worked all afternoon on the books expecting to hear from Dorothy about going to supper at the local restaurant. When I didn't hear from her by 5:00 I called the restaurant. I was planning on getting an order of beer battered fish to go but it turned out they weren't having it last night so I decided to cook. Before I did that Dorothy called apologizing that she had gone shopping with her Sister and they had just got home. While they were out they had eaten. She had forgotten about us talking about going to the restaurant tonight. I told her no problem as they didn't have the fish anyways. She wanted me to go with her to bring her sister home and stop and visit her daughter who just got back from FL but since I hadn't eaten yet I declined.

After supper, (I made fish sandwiches on wheat rolls.. I had some frozen Groton fish) I watched some TV. I watched some CIS's and NCI that I had recorded. Headed to bed to read at the usual time. Got to get my rest as we are going Dancing Saturday night at the Moose Club. :)

Hope everyone has a great day.

Friday, April 07, 2006

THURSDAY - Trip to Town

Today I have to go to town. I need to run errands and do some grocery shopping. My morning is spent doing the usual and I am ready around 12:30 to leave. My first stop is at the gas station. I have been putting it off but now the tank is past 1/2 so I pull in to get her filled up. Yikes over 30.00.....sickening. On my way again...heading for Tim's Office to pick up the mail. Had a little chat with them and then I headed for Price Chopper to get my groceries. Ran into my ex-girlfriends ex-husband. We just smiled and said hello and I kept walking quickly. Didn't want to have a conversation with him.

When I finished there I headed to the Bank...then to the strip mall. My first stop was at Jo-Ann Fabrics...that picture I am doing sometimes takes 5 strands and it is breaking my needles so I need to buy some more. Also want to get some stuff to spray on my silk plants to clean them. I made a mistake and looked at the silk plants and found two for my mantle. They fit right into my western theme. The Pots have a strip of leather and beads wrapped around them. I'm thinking the mantle but we will see how it looks when I get them home.

I decided not to go to KMart today so I headed to Aldi's...another grocery's one where you bag your own groceries. I needed a couple of items there.

Now I was on my way home. Didn't have that much to do this week. When I got home I put the groceries away and started was a bit early but since I didn't have lunch I was starved. Just as I was finishing Dorothy called and wanted me to come have supper with her but it was too late. She wanted to know if I wanted to come play cards but I begged off as I was tired.

I did some bookkeeping work and then went to watch TV. I didn't feel like embroidering and I kept dozing off so I don't know what I watched. I finally gave up and went to bed early.... read a chapter and lights out.

Hope you all have a great day.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

WEDNESDAY - Making Progress

Yesterday was a typical working day but I am making progress. One of these days I am going to be completely caught up in the book work. It's a balancing act of keeping the daily work done and fitting in some organizational work I need to do for my new system.

Here it is April and I still haven't looked into Volunteer work but I can't do it until I know I can spare a day and that time is not here yet. I am very disappointed.

Talked to Dorothy today. She called to tell me we have to bring the baked goods for the bake sale for Senior Citizens to KMart Saturday morning...wonderful..there goes one of my sleep in mornings. :) She and her Sister and SIL are planning on going to the dance at the Moose Club Saturday night so they will be picking me up that evening.

I spent the evening watching TV and embroidering.
I watched Bones, AI Final and a CSI I had recorded. I was kinda surprised to see Mandisa go this early in the competition.

Went to bed usual time and read some before lights out.

Hope you all have a great day.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

TUESDAY - More Energetic

I think I am getting use to the time change. I got up with more energy this morning...did my usual morning routine and then I got my Swiffer cleaning tools out and did the whole downstairs in no time. Love my Swiffer tools and also my Pledge duster. Amazing the cat hair I pick up after just a few days of not sweeping.

In the afternoon I worked on my clients books...getting close to getting them up to date. Lousy weather outside...snow and wind...real heavy snow that is making slush. I had to make two trips to Mike's in it because it's pay day.

In the evening I watched TV and embroidered. I haven't done any embroidery in a few days...didn't feel like it and on this project you have to be in the mood.

I watched American Idol and Taylor is still my favorite. Country Music is what I like but I didn't enjoy the show that much. I watched Nashville Star and that was good. I have chosen Chris as my favorite. It looks like no girl is going to win this time. Only 2 left and the boys out sing them.

Off to bed to read at my usual time and lights out after about 30 mins...back into the old time routine.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

MONDAY - Nothing exciting

Monday was a typical Monday. In the morning I was on the computer catching up with my email and forums. I did some my work from Mike's. Monday is the day I work on the timesheets getting them ready for his okay. Payday is Tuesday.

In the afternoon I worked on his books...writing up daily reports and posting invoices. I also puttered around...was not feeling very energetic....still suffering from the time change.

Dorothy called in the afternoon. I had asked her to call me after her doctors appointment. She has to take a test Thursday which requires special eating on Wednesday so she will not be going to Senior Citizens. I will probably skip it too. She wants me to ask Lloyd to go with me. We'll see.

At supper I made myself some Salmon Burgers on wheat buns. Spent the evening watching TV. I had a Deal/No Deal I hadn't seen so I ended up watching 3 hours of that program and one CSI show. Off to bed to read and lights out at usual time.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Monday, April 03, 2006

SUNDAY - A Day of Relaxation

This will not take long to read. LOL I spent the whole day resting and watching TV. I did get on the computer for a little while. I was even too tired to embroider...I watched all the programs that I had recorded so I am all caught up now. Watched Extreme Makeover, Desperate Housewives, and Cold Case last night.

I made myself a nice brunch of turkey sausage, turkey bacon and egg beaters scrambled with veggie cheese and onion. For supper I had a stir fry of 3 different colored peppers, white onion, and turkey Italian Sausage. Wrapped it all up in a low carb wrap. During the evening I had a snack of no sugar banana cream puddying topped with no sugar Cool Whip. As you see I am sticking with my diet.

This time change is raising cain with my body but it was off to bed at my usual time to read. I read longer than usual because of the time change...and then it was lights out. My kitties are confuse by the time change too.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

SATURDAY - And I Danced

The day was very typical of a Saturday. I slept in a little...took my time doing some chores around the house...worked and played on the computer...watched some TV I had recorded...trying to clean it up for the following week.

Dorothy called and told me they would be picking me up around 6:45 to go to the Dance in the next town South of me. It was being held at the Senior Citizens. I am familiar with the place because I use to teach Ceramics there many years ago. The music would start at 7:30 but the place was pretty full when we got's about 15 mins from my house. The cover charge was $3.00.

When we were paying Dorothy looked at the band that was setting up and got upset. It was the Old Timers Band...the one that her husband use to play and sing in. She didn't realize they were the ones playing...she thought she would be seeing them for the first time next week. I told her that maybe this was a good thing as she didn't have a lot of time before hand to agonize how it was going to effect her. She said you are probably right.

We found seats and then Dorothy was introducing me to everyone around us. Also some of the people I knew and some knew me. Because of the Ceramic Shop I ran and my husband's peddling business I am known by people I don't recognize. Dorothy's Sister-In-Law's Cousin (did you follow that) was sitting near us. I know him from the craft circuit...he use to set up where we did selling his clocks and other wooden items he made.

Dorothy went over and talked to the band members and they told her how happy they were to see her there. She feels very guilty about going out when her husband only passed away 5 months ago but everyone that she has seen has said that it is a good thing for her to be getting out and to try and enjoy herself.

It's getting kinda neat now because people I have met previous weeks are now greeting me by I am making new friends and acquaintances. There was no alcohol served and I was thinking oh oh. How am I going to relax enough to get up and dance. I had promised myself that I would dance that night.

Well there were a few people my age there and a lot of men but again most of them were already partnered with some one...but I did see a lot of exchanging partners amongst friends for dancing. Theresa's (Dorothy's SIL) Cousin Maurice loves to dance. He is 84 but in terrific shape. He reminds me of a short version of Wilford know the one that does the Liberty Diabetic Supply commercial. He was taking turns dancing with all of us. Now this music was not like the last dance which was classic country. This was the old time stuff...for fast dancing they did a "Step Dance". I have no clue how to do that. I watched their feet and everyone was doing something different...what was common was that it was a quick step. The fiddle plays heavy in the music. Then there were about 5 or 6 square dance rounds through out the night...I haven't done that since gym in high school...LOL I didn't want any part of that either. So that just left the slow dances. When it was my turn to be Maurice's partner I was scared to death but tried not to show it. I informed him I hadn't dance in 25 years and he looked at me like I was some strange person. LOL I guess everyone he knows dances. BTW he didn't sit out many dances. He didn't do the step dances but he danced every slow dance and the square dances. He was a very good dancer....and he told me I was too. I think he was just being a gentleman... *smiles* I danced with him twice and I danced with Dorothy once....OKAY another first...63 years old and I danced a slow dance with a woman for the first time...always swore I would never do that but I thought I needed some practice LOL. We ran into a couple on the floor that Dorothy was acquainted with and he asked her if I was her daughter... This is the second time someone has asked her that so it's getting to be a big joke.

They do have an intermission and you usually donate $1.00 for a little lunch of sandwiches, soda, and cookies and cake.

I sat between Dorothy and her sister Reba, so I got a chance to chat with her sister and she told me how happy she was that Dorothy and I had become friends. She said it was wonderful that I could be there for Dorothy on those lonely nights when she doesn't want to be alone and someone from the family isn't available. She said that Dorothy really enjoys my company. That was all nice to hear. We are helping each other get through this thing called widowhood. I was looking around the room and saw so many women that I knew who were now widows too. Dorothy had a good time...she danced a lot with old friends. Even her sister put down her cane when I talked her into dancing. She danced 3 dances during the evening. Dorothy's SIL danced a lot...she was her cousins favorite partner. LOL

We left about 10:30, wanted to beat the crowd to the parking lot and I was home about 10:45. I was tired but I had a good time. It's tough keeping up with these old people. ROFL!! Watched a little TV and off to bed to read and lights out.

Hope you have a great day.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

FRIDAY - Started Off Boring

Friday was pretty the morning I had to get trash out and do the usual things around the house. Went to Mike's and got my work and talked with Lisa for a bit. Came back home and after lunch tried to do some work.. I was so not in the mood. I kept puttering on the computer or finding things to do around the house to put off some done but not much. I was tired so I did take a short nap in my chair.

I was sitting at the computer thinking about what I was going to make for supper when the phone rang. I was Dorothy. She wanted to know if I wanted to go to Mary's (our local restaurant) for supper and go to her house and play some cards. I said sure...just give me time to clean up and put a face on and I will meet you there.

When I got there she had a table for us...the place was really full. The special was beer battered fish. I hadn't had that in ages. We both ordered it. I am thinking one piece of baked potato and coleslaw. Well the plate came and it was full of fish so I decided to take home the potato...mmmmmm mmmmmmm was it ever delicious. I kept seeing plates of it going to many tables so everyone was getting in on it. I always enjoy Dorothy's company so we enjoyed chatting and laughing during the meal. When we left, people were still filing in keeping the place full.

I followed her to her house and went in to play cards. We had a lot of fun and I got home about 10:00. Watched one program I had recorded previously...CSI and then headed to bed for some reading.

BTW we made plans to go to a dance at the Senior Center in a town West of me tomorrow's turning into a great week-end.

Hope everyone had a great day.