Friday, April 21, 2006

THURSDAY - A Turning Point

The day was a typical working day for me except that I did get up an hour early because I knew I had a lot of bookkeeping to do and I was going out that night. Dorothy called and said she decided to do all the driving and would pick me up first and then pick up the others. She said she was picking me up at 5:00 so I had to boogie so I could get my work done and get ready to go out.

We were going to a town 13 miles from home to a dance being held at the Fire Station. The band that we follow was playing there. I guess we are Groupies ... LOL They were serving finger foods so I didn't bother with supper.

Our first stop was at Dorothy's SIL. I discovered she didn't live that far from me. I went in for a second as Dorothy had something to drop off and Theresa wanted to show us a quilt she made. She has a lovely home... Now we were on our way to pick up Dorothy's sister Reba and her friend Gladys that lives across from Reba. Reba came to the car with a set she thought I would didn't fit her daughter any more. It is a color I have never worn...sort of a reddish plum and it consisted of a sleeveless top and a matching long sleeve jacket made of the same material.

The 5 of us headed to the Fire Department. Cars were already there and the music was playing when we arrived. Maurice got a table for all of us to sit together. It was a small group and I recognized most of them as fellow Groupies.. LOL I wasn't thinking the evening was going to be that special but we were doing a lot of talking and laughing. When it was my turn to dance with Maurice he picked kind of a fast slow dance... and then towards the end he started to twirl me to the know where the man separates from the woman and twirls her around..sort of like in a jitterbug fashion only slower. I had never seen him do that before nor did he do it the rest of the was neat though...brought me back to my old CYO dance days. I danced most of the night ..either with him or one of the ladies I was with. I even got up and tried a step dance. I felt so awkard but it was fun too.

When the band announced that they were going to be playing at a town 20 miles from us Saturday night Maurice asked if we were going. We said no too far. He said you ladies come with me. Well they started to make plans about going to church and then he said come to my house for Pizza after church and then we'll leave from there. I said can you pick me up after church. Dorothy said sure but why don't you come with us. I said no for a while and they said come on...come with us. So Saturday I am going to church. I haven't been in years...and it was probably for a wedding or a family funeral. Also they mention that a store at the mall, Bon Ton's was having a one day 20% sale for Seniors Wednesday and wanted me to go with them to see about getting some "dancing" clothes. I think I can manage that.. Also I noticed the other people that were a bit stand offish before were smiling at me and saying hello when I passed them. I had this great feeling of belonging. It was so neat. A real Turning Point in my life.

Around 9:00 the dance ended and we headed home. When only Theresa was left in the car I mentioned I had bought some pants last year but I couldn't wear them because they are too long. Theresa said I will shorten them for you. Pin them where you want them and bring them Saturday. That was so nice of her.. (I don't sew) After Dorothy dropped everyone off at their homes she got me home about 10:00. I was plenty tired but happy. I had a wonderful night. I went in the house with a smile on my face.

Watched the Cooking Show I had recorded and headed to bed for some heavy snoring.

Hope everyone had a great day.


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