Friday, April 14, 2006

THURSDAY - Normal Quiet Day

This post will not take long. I had just a usual day...working on the books and some housework. I left word for Dorothy to call me when she returned home from her test at the hospital. She did and all is well... the doctor has decided that most of her problem is she hasn't been eating right since her husband died. She has promised to do better.

In the evening I watched TV. My DVR was full so I had to do some cleaning out...good thing some of my favorite programs were reruns so now it's only about 70% full..LOL

I love shopping on the internet. This week I received my make up and a wonderful grill/griddle for my stove. I had a big grill once but gave it away when I got my Corning Top...was not good to use it on that. This one is non-stick and such a nice fits on my two burners the long way and stores in my oven draw nicely...came with a bacon press and 4 rings to make pancakes and/or eggs perfect every time. I was looking through their catalog they sent with it and saw another item which was just what I was looking for. I have 3 cats laying on my bed so you can imagine what that does to my comforter. I have a brand new set..comforter, matching sheets, sham and skirt to put on my bed but I have been hesitant to do so. I wanted something cheap I could throw over the comforter for them to lie on. This catalog had just the thing. A fleece machine washable pet blanket....the pattern on it is paw prints. It was only about 12.00 so I ordered two so I can wash one while the other is on the bed. That came this week also.

Maybe today is a good time to show you my progress on the embroidery piece I am working on.

I think I have done well since I haven't been home much at night lately or I have been to tired to work on it.

Hope you all have a good day.


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