Saturday, April 08, 2006


The day was a typical Friday. Lots of things to do. I had my breakfast and got caught up on the computer reading email and forums and then I remembered what day it was. Time to get the trash together and put out. The weather has turned nasty again...pretty chilly out there. Oh I must tell you I was in a great mood because I had weighed myself and I had lost a lb this week. That brings the total to 16 1/2 lbs since I started. I had changed my snacks at night to sugar free pudding and grapes and I think that helped...night it my worse time.

When I had finished that it was time for lunch so I made a nice salad. I worked all afternoon on the books expecting to hear from Dorothy about going to supper at the local restaurant. When I didn't hear from her by 5:00 I called the restaurant. I was planning on getting an order of beer battered fish to go but it turned out they weren't having it last night so I decided to cook. Before I did that Dorothy called apologizing that she had gone shopping with her Sister and they had just got home. While they were out they had eaten. She had forgotten about us talking about going to the restaurant tonight. I told her no problem as they didn't have the fish anyways. She wanted me to go with her to bring her sister home and stop and visit her daughter who just got back from FL but since I hadn't eaten yet I declined.

After supper, (I made fish sandwiches on wheat rolls.. I had some frozen Groton fish) I watched some TV. I watched some CIS's and NCI that I had recorded. Headed to bed to read at the usual time. Got to get my rest as we are going Dancing Saturday night at the Moose Club. :)

Hope everyone has a great day.


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