Wednesday, March 29, 2006

TUESDAY - Busy Busy Busy

So nice to get up to a sunny day and the temps are warmer now... starting off in the 40's. After my usual, slowly waking up routine of reading emails and forums while I have my coffee, I went across the street to pick up work at Mike and Lisa's. Had a chat with Lisa and then Lisa, my computer techie and Mike's came downstairs...she had been working on Mike's computer...we had a nice chat too.

After I left I took a little stroll around the yard looking for signs of Spring. Saw the domestic ducks swimming with a pair of wild ducks on the pond next door. Came home and worked on payroll...making out checks from the OK'd timesheets. After I finished that I decided I needed to dewinterize my home. Took down all the poinsiettas and holly and such and bagged everything up. The only thing I didn't get to was the mantle. Will do that tomorrow. I noticed I need to buy some silk plant cleaner as my silk plants are very dusty...that is marvelous stuff and will make them look like new again. During the morning I got on my exercise bike for 5 mins since 10 mins seemed to be too much for me to start off hips hurt like hell after the last time.

After lunch, I got back on the books and typed up and wrote up Mike's Daily Reports. I had invoices to post and copies of invoices and Daily Reports to print out. I finished about 4:00..oh and I did another 5 mins on the bike. I decided to tackle my books and got a lot done. All I have left is inventory, accounts payable and filling out accountants form today. I should/will have them ready to take to the accountant tomorrow.

After supper I relaxed and watch TV while I embroidered. I watched American Idol...didn't think it was a very good night..but I of course enjoyed Taylor. I am going to be behind him all the way....but I am afraid he isn't going to win. I suspect it will be either Chris or Katherine. I then watched Nashville Star and I still can't pick one...I like them all.

Then it was lights out and up to read which didn't last long..I barely made it through the chapter and it was lights out again. My babies were tired too as they were already getting settled on the bed. They usually join me during the night.

Hope you all have a great day!


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