Friday, March 24, 2006

MY THURSDAY - Average Day

Well this should be a very short post as yesterday was a pretty quiet day. I chatted with Dorothy during the morning as I did my dishes. I have earphones on my phone and just love it. I need them for when I make calls for my clients and I am stuck on HOLD. This way I can keep working. I use them personally too and can get stuff done like dishes and dusting. If Lloyd calls me in the evening I can do needlework while we talk. Yup money was well spent on those....*smiles*

I checked at Mike's and no new work for me..that is the second day he hasn't given me any invoices or daily reports to work on. I was rather happy because that meant I could work on some other stuff that needs doing. I may catch up yet. I spent all day on the books.. Tim emailed me a couple of things he wanted done. I took one break to do 10 mins on my exercise bike. I have to creep into exercising very carefully.

In the evening I worked on my embroidery while watching TV. Watched some daytime shows I had recorded and then got all set to watch NCIS ...also recorded but it was one I had seen. I watched Bones and the special Extreme Makeover - Home Edition had on. Went to bed around and then lights out.


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