Tuesday, March 21, 2006

MY MONDAY - Pixel Painting and Counted Cross Stitch

Spent most of the day working...was trying to post invoices and such for Mike and Tim kept sending me emails to look up stuff for him. On a break I did finish my pixel painting. Excuse the grid but I must protect it. I did this following a tutorial from Angelic Designs. She is my favorite pixel painter.

When I got the mail today I discovered my lighted magnifying glass came in. Now I can start my counted cross stitch project. My home has been Colonial for close to 40 years...and I have been trying to update it. It is all earth tones which are still my favorite so I have chosen Western as my theme. That way I can still keep my earthtones. I need to replace some of my pictures on the walls. Herrsheners came out with a new embroidered piece which I ordered. But I was not paying attention. It is grafted for 18 Aida Cloth and I am use to working with 12 or 14. I could barely see the squares...hence the need for the magnifying glass. This is what it is going to look like. See that green circle..that is how much I did last night. That gives you an idea how long it's going to take me to finish it. LOL

I received a phone call from Dorothy yesterday. It seems she made a mistake on when the Dance is. It's not today but April 4th. LOL Good thing you have to call ahead for reservations. It is something to look forward too. We still have the dinner tomorrow night at the local Senior Citizens. I have asked my friend Lloyd if he wants to go. He said probably so I better call today and firm that up.

Well I have tons to do today so I better get with it. Have to do Mike's payroll and Tim's billing. That should keep me out of trouble. I will take dancing breaks to see if I can build up some stamina. I have bursitis in both hips so I do have to be careful. The spirit is willing but the flesh is screaming like hell!! LOL

Hope you all have a great day!


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