Monday, March 20, 2006

MY SUNDAY - Working and Relaxing

Because I am still behind in my bookkeeping for my clients I spent Sunday afternoon working. Did mindless work though...just writing up my Mason Client's Daily reports for the week and getting a head start on time sheets. When I took breaks I danced. Yup you heard right...LOL I put on a Classic Country Station on my TV...DVR has that...and I danced. I thought to myself I can do this in public...ummm maybe...ummm if it's crowded and not everyone is looking at me.. *smiles* I chose the Classic Country because that is what I noticed is being played by the band.

When I finished working it was time for supper. I decided on Steak and Tomatoes...I had a potato in my hand that I was going to bake but then I would want butter and sour cream on it so I decided since I needed to use up some tomatoes I would go that it was cooking the phone rang. It was Mike my neighbor (and Mason Client). He said Lisa was having his mother and her mother over for Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner and she had forgot to call me earlier to ask if I would like to join them. I said sorry it's too late...supper is in the broiler.. I didn't mention I was in my jammies too... LOL He was sorry to hear that and I heard Lisa in the background upset at herself for not calling me earlier.

Also during the afternoon Dorothy called to see if I enjoyed myself at the dance...she was worried that I had been bored. I said not at all...I enjoyed getting out and listening to the music and meeting her friends. She said that her husbands band was playing Tuesday night at the Senior Citizens in the next town over..our biggest town..she wanted to know if I wanted to go and we would go for the meal they have before it. I said sure. Going to be a busy week...the following night we have St. Patty's dinner at our Senior Citizens. Dorothy is doing the potatoes for that and I told her to call me if she wants some help peeling them...

After supper I decided to watch some TV... I had watched everything I had recorded..that was unusual but this past week most of the programs I record during the day had been repeats so I was not behind in viewing them. I finished up a DVD I had started...I belong to Netflix..I had one other to watch but it was a movie I wasn't in the mood to see so I just surfed the channels...waiting for Extreme Makeover-Home Edition to come on. Found a program about rennovating houses and that kept my attention till my program came on. It was a 2 hour one and very heartbreaking so I shed some tears.

When that was over, there was nothing I really wanted to see so I decided to do some pixel painting. I chose a new tutorial and worked on that till bedtime. I will show it to you when I finish. I follow the tutorial but I use my own colors to make it mine. I use these in my Incredimail Letters.

Well I better get dressed and get this day going. I have lots of bookwork to do today. I hate tax season..trying to keep up with the daily work and getting last years books ready for the accountant is books are behind and I need to get them done. I haven't worked on my third clients books all year. It's Mike's wife Lisa who has a Beauty Salon in her home. You have noticed that two of my clients live across the neat is that. My other client, Tim the architect is in town..that means the big town next to me. We do almost all the work over the computer..I drop into his office to pick up mail now and then...mostly in the summer...other times his draftsman brings it to me...anything I have to see right away they fax today's technology.

I hope everyone has a great day....


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