Sunday, March 19, 2006


Well the "girls" picked me up last night to go to the dance. Here in NY it was freezing cold. We were a bit dissappointed when we arrived to see that it was a very small crowd. I must fill you in on Dorothy at this point. Her husband Howard sang and played in a band. It is the most popular band in the area for our generation and it was playing some where else. That is where the crowd was. They played at the Moose Club last week and the place was packed but Dorothy is not yet up to seeing them. Last night was a "get her feet wet" night. The band that played last night consisted of 3 men on steel guitars. They were good and I enjoyed listening to them. The lead singer could sing anything... from Jim Reeves to Charlie Pride. LOL

Last night had a few firsts for me. First time I have attended a dance in about 25 years and first time I have had a wine cooler...or two.. hehehe I hate wine so I wasn't sure I would like it but I did. I am not a beer drinker which seemed to be the drink of the evening so the wine cooler was perfect for me. It made me feel very mellow...unfortunately not enough to get me on the dance floor.

There were no "spare" men last night so the women were dancing together...especially to the fast dances. I have never been able to do that. I enjoyed watching though. I was happy to see that a few times Dorothy did get up and dance. I knew the reason I was there was to get her through the evening. She did shed some tears and I was the only one rubbing her back and saying comforting words. Her sister and SIL didn't pay any attention to her and they are both widows. She did tell someone she introduced me to that she was happy to have me as her friend at this time as we do things together and help her get through the tough lonely days.

Even though I didn't dance I still had a nice time. I got out, met some new people, and I enjoyed being a spectator and was happy I was able to support Dorothy as she works herself through the grieving process and gets on with her life. When she is ready, we will take on her husbands band...but first we have to take little steps.

Today is Sunday but I am going to do some work for my clients since I am still behind...and then see what I will do with the rest of my day off.. I am on WW so I am off to make my brekky of egg beaters and turkey bacon with reduced calorie toast...yum yum LOL (it's really pretty good)


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