Thursday, March 23, 2006

MY WEDNESDAY - St, Patty's Day Dinner

Yesterday I spent the day working on clients books. I had to do billing for both of them. The architect's is quite involved so I do a draft first of all his clients adding in the last two weeks time sheets...he looks them over and decides who we can bill. Most of his invoices are what is called Progress Invoices so what I do helps him figure out how much of the job is completed..and what phases. Then he also has me add in reimbursables like mileage and prints. The mason's is quite different. His billing is done with daily job reports. I also have to keep track of materials and this time of year the cost for Heat and Cover. During breaks I worked on pixel painting.

I had to quit a bit early and get ready to go to Senior Citizens for the St. Patty dinner of Corned Beef and Cabbage. I didn't have to bring anything as different ones had volunteered to cook certain portions of it. Never had this type of dinner cooked this way..everything separate..use to everything cooked in one pot so I was looking forward to something different. I had called Lloyd earlier in the day and asked if he would like to attend....and he said he would. He was going to pick me up at 5:45 as the dinner started at 6:00.

I haven't explained who Lloyd is. He is a widower of 4 years. My husband and I use to see him often at the same restaurants we ate at. Being the small town that this is you always acknowledge each other with a greeting. I ran into him a few times after my husband passed away and he was always very concerned with how I was doing and we chatted about our losses. A while back I decided to give him a call and see if he would like to go out as strictly friends...and that is what we do. We go out a couple of times a month. I either invite him to something or he invites me.

Well we arrived and didn't have to wait very long to eat. It was a great buffet and everything was delicious. Dorothy had already arrived and saved seats next to her for us. The same ladies that sat across from us the last time were sitting there again. I had some laughs during the conversations. One was the fact that one lady thought Lloyd was my father... remember I am 63 and Lloyd is 72 or 73... I don't remember. He chuckled and nudged my leg under the table... hehehe. One of the other ladies is starting with Alzheimers. She is 84 and cute as a button. I had the same conversation with her 6 times in a row about what my name was and where I lived...LOL I finally got saved when they started playing Bingo. Oh she also thought Lloyd was my husband even though we had told her our names which of course are different. He was talking about not being a good sleeper and that the other night he got up and baked cookies and Johnny Cake. She looked at me and said aren't you a lucky woman to have him bake for you ....LOL

After the meal we had cake and ice cream for dessert...oh that was real good for the diet..I did choose a small piece though. They held the meeting and we signed up what we are going to make for the bake sale Aug. 6 and he told us he had made arrangements for our Easter dinner to be held at the Moose Club this year. After the meeting we played Bingo. I wasn't as lucky as I was two weeks ago when I won 3 times...I won nothing last night but it was fun.

I should explain about Senior Citizens in my town. Two weeks ago late in the afternoon Dorothy called and asked if I would like to go to a Pot Luck dinner and some Bingo at our Community Center that night. I said sure. I didn't have anything made to bring so she let me pass off her cookies as my own..LOL What I didn't know was it was the Senior Citizens Club putting it on. It is a very small group of about included. It use to be a lot bigger but people have died or moved away (into Nursing Homes) and they are trying to build it back up again. We were welcomed with open arms. We had a good time but we are both not sure how involved we are going to get with it a try. For me it is hard because I am the baby of the group..they all seem to be in their 70's and 80's and yup 90's. But it gives someone to accompany Dorothy and as long as she wants to go I will go with her. Heck it's a night out and it helps support them...all good things.

Well at the end of the evening Lloyd drove me home. He came in for a few minutes and I showed him the project I was working he sews he was very impressed with it.. He didn't stay long and I was able to finally relax. It was about 9:30 so I settled in to watch a couple of programs I had recorded. I watched American long Chicken Little...YEA!!! Then I watched Amazing Race that I didn't get to see the day before. After that I was ready for bed. I was starting a second book in a trilogy written by Nora Roberts...after about 30 mins. of reading it was lights out.

Today is another day of bookkeeping. Hope you all have a great day.


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