Saturday, March 25, 2006

MY FRIDAY - Shopping Shopping Shopping

Friday is always a busy day because I have to put the trash out. This is one of the chores that Howard use to do for me so of course I miss him a bit more on Fridays *smiles*. I am still just putting out the basic trash accumulated during the week...when it warms up and I can work in the cooler parts of the house I will start sorting and putting out more trash from those areas. I started it but as Howard was such a pack rat it is going to take years to do. I will just keep plugging at it when I have the time.

In the afternoon I went shopping. My first stop was at the Ford Dealership. Although I have a Lincoln we don't have any Lincoln dealerships here so Ford is where I have to go when I need a dealer. My remote thingy to open doors and the trunk had died on me. I had them check it at Radio Shack thinking it was batteries but they said the batteries were fine. I had ordered it last week and they told me it would take two minutes to program and I would be on my way. Yup right!! I pick it up at Parts and they send me to Service to get someone to do it. Well he tells me he doesn't know how to do my year..and has to read up on it...but he will be out in 2 secs. Five minutes later he finally shows up...I could see him stopping to talk to everyone on the way....grrrrrrrrr. He opens my glove compartment and gets it to drop down so he can get behind it...has to do something to a wire...then he gets all distracted by a carrier that comes in with new vehicles and he has to chat with a couple more people. Finally comes back and admits that he doesn't know what he is doing...earlier he had mentioned that if he couldn't get it done he would make an appointment with a mechanic and he could do it. I informed him that I was told this would take 2 minutes...not a major project!! Well I guess he could see I was not happy so he said I am going get a mechanic to do this. Another I don't know how many minutes goes by and the mechanic shows up... He knows what he is doing and I am out of there in the 2 minutes it should have taken in the first place!!

Now I can get on with my shopping. I went to Fashion Bug to return a couple of tops I had bought. They didn't fit right. I exchanged them for one that cost about the same as the two but I just loved it. Last night I tried it on and it fits great .... I don't have very many nice tops for the summer so I am happy to add this one to my wardrobe. Went to KMart to pick up cat food...they are the only ones that carry the bigger bags of the brand and type my cats have to have. When it gets a bit nicer I will get it at the Vets... I can't believe it but it's cheaper to buy it there....I guess because I can get the real big bag of it. I got into the cleaning supplies because I had a coupon for a Pledge Duster Plus.. It's like the Swifter Duster only there is a little spray bottle of wax that fits in the handle. I am not crazy about Pledge (I use Old English) but for touch ups (cleaning up nasty paw prints) this works great. I discovered that their duster is softer and fuller than Swifter....has a good handle because of the spray even without the spray I like this duster better than Swifter's. Oh oh cause I have a lot of the refill dusters to use up...LOL I also picked up a Swifter CarpetFlick. That works wonderful to touch up my rugs quickly...don't have to drag out the vacuum cleaner and drag it all around just to get a couple of problem areas..having 3 cats they leave globs of fur and debris from their toys and scratching posts. This is another major change in my life. For years I had a cleaning lady come once a week to do downstairs. I can't afford that I have to do it myself. With the degenerate discs in my back and the bursitis in my hips it's a real chore. I keep looking for items that will make it faster and easier for me.

I am in my second book of a trilogy by Nora Roberts so I decided to check out the books. I miss my subscription to Harlequin Intrique. I was getting 6 books a month and I couldn't afford that any more so I had cancelled it. I noticed that KMart was selling them for 3.45 each. I picked up 3. That I can work into my budget because it will be a while before I need to buy any more..I only read at bed time.

After picking up some cosmetics I needed I finally got to leave KMart and headed over to Price Chopper to do my grocery shopping. Didn't need much...mostly perishables so that didn't take long. Headed home. The weather was warmer than it has been but it had been spitting rain off and on. I decided since the car is sounding so much better and the weather is warmer I would take the back road home. Very scenic and it avoids all the lights and the big 35 mph stretch.

When I got home I was missing Howard again to help me bring in the groceries and help put them away. I sound like I only miss him for the chores he did but you all know that isn't's just about the things that have changed in my life since his passing. The rest of the evening was quiet. I was starved after I put the groceries away so I made me a big grilled chicken salad. Then I caught up on email and forums on the computer. I spent the rest of the evening watching TV and embroidering. Oh before I went to bed I decided to try out the Pledge Duster and I did my whole living room before I went up... LOL

Oh I have been working on some pixel paintings on breaks...wanna see??


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