Monday, March 27, 2006

SUNDAY - A Day of Liesure??

My babies let me sleep in so when I got up, I washed up and threw some sweats on and came down to face the day. Again I had big plans for the day and was wondering how much I would be able to accomplish. Spent the rest of the morning on the computer catching up on email and forums...and then decided to make brunch. I am still on my diet...even if the scale refuses to move. I had bought some turkey breakfast sausage and was anxious to try them out with my egg beaters...they weren't bad at all. Nice part is they weren't greasy...

I decided that the major priority of the day was to finish cleaning the living room. I accomplished that and also worked a little on my business books. I got my checkbook posted and all the reconciliations done to date!

The rest of the evening was devoted to watching TV and finish up the DVD's I rented from Netflix. I worked on my embroidery and relaxed.


At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Mare said...

Lynn, your blog is very interesting and fun. You are so busy! It makes me tired just reading. *LOL*


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