Thursday, March 30, 2006

WEDNESDAY - Long Long Day!

My day started at 5:30, when I woke up to pain in my back... I had an awful time finding a comfortable position to fall back asleep. I finally did so and got up a bit earlier than normal cause my back was hurting so much. It was not in the usual place...lower was up higher around my shoulder blades...I believe it was muscle spasms. I came downstairs and got an ice pack and took some Tylenol Extra Strength. After about 30 minutes I got some relief. I felt pretty good but it hurt to bend over. I made the big decision to NOT bend over!! LOL

Also when I came downstairs I saw that the Monitor was off but it wasn't flashing 8's like usual...there was a E05 printed in the display. I couldn't get rid of it until I pulled the plug and replugged it in. All was fine...then I noticed my computer had rebooted so I knew something had happened to the power. Maintenance that I have done at 1:00 am wasn't done so it happened early in the night. I noticed it effected the DVD Player but not the clock on the stove...nor had it effected my clock upstairs or the electric blanket. Very strange. I went out to the shop and saw that Monitor with the same E05 displayed...pulled the plug and got that one going.

The rest of the morning I spent doing house chores...Swifter Mopped my floors and couldn't believe the cat hair I picked up...CarpetFlicked my rugs too... I went out to the porch and I brought a comb with me. the cats were laying on a table in the sun so I backed combed them and they were loaded with loose fur...must be shedding already. Dora was the worst. Small as she was she had as much loose fur as the two big males. Garfield was the worst of the boys...Creamsicle wasn't bad at all. When I finished I had enough fur to shape into the size of a golf ball.

I went over to pick up work at Mike's and there wasn't anything...I thought I can finish my books. Shortly after I returned home the phone rang and it was Mike on his cell phone. He asked me to prepare some special breakdown sheets for a customer and he needed it done right away...also finalize the billing for that customer. I gave it a shot knowing that it probably wasn't exactly what he wanted... but it would give us something to work with when he got home tonight. This customer is being billed many many thousands of dollars so it needs to be right. I did get to finish my books.

I wasn't too tired at supper time so instead of throwing in a WW frozen dinner I made a stir fry. I was watching for Mike and he came home in the middle of my dinner.. When I was finished I went over and we went over what I had done. I was right it wasn't exactly what he had in mind but it gave him something to look at and change to his liking. We talked for a few and by the time I left there it was 6:45. I went back home and prepared what he wanted and made all new copies and by the time I finished it was 7:45. Brought it back over and left it as he was at a wake.

I watched TV last night but no emboridering... I was too tired. Oh and I noticed when I came back from Mike's the first time the house smelled bad from the stir fry so I sprayed with Febreeze Air Effects that I bought the other day. The second time I came back to the house it smelled wonderful...that stuff really works. (I do a lot of commercials here don't I? LOL) I watched American Idol and they sent the right one home. I watched Bones and a recorded CSI and Deal or No Deal. You can watch a lot of programs when you record commercials...

I was off to bed at the usual time and read a little and then I was gone. My back felt a bit tight but that was all...thank goodness. I suspect it had to do with my riding the bike. I hope not.

Hope you all have a great day.


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