Tuesday, April 04, 2006

MONDAY - Nothing exciting

Monday was a typical Monday. In the morning I was on the computer catching up with my email and forums. I did some housework...got my work from Mike's. Monday is the day I work on the timesheets getting them ready for his okay. Payday is Tuesday.

In the afternoon I worked on his books...writing up daily reports and posting invoices. I also puttered around...was not feeling very energetic....still suffering from the time change.

Dorothy called in the afternoon. I had asked her to call me after her doctors appointment. She has to take a test Thursday which requires special eating on Wednesday so she will not be going to Senior Citizens. I will probably skip it too. She wants me to ask Lloyd to go with me. We'll see.

At supper I made myself some Salmon Burgers on wheat buns. Spent the evening watching TV. I had a Deal/No Deal I hadn't seen so I ended up watching 3 hours of that program and one CSI show. Off to bed to read and lights out at usual time.

Hope everyone has a great day.


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