Friday, March 31, 2006

THURSDAY - Heading to Town

This is the day I am to meet Sally for lunch at the new Chinese Buffet. It is located in one of our Strip Malls...the one that Aldi's is in to be exact. I have heard all good things so I am really looking forward to it. I get on my scale and I actually see it wiggle a bit...oh my is getting ready to MOVE. I can't blow it today at the buffet.

I get washed and knowing it's warmer outside then it's been I look for a top that is lighter than the sweatshirts I have been wearing. I find one that I couldn't wear last year and decide to try it on... IT FITS!!! Well now I am really in a good mood LOL. I do all the things I need to get done and I head out to meet Sally for noon. There is already a lot of cars parked at the restaurant. Sally is out front so we go in and already I am liking it...there is a wall water fountain in the foyer...very pretty and soothing. The atmosphere is very nice inside. We are led to a very comfy booth. The buffet consists of 3 long serving sections. One seems to be not so oriental...kinda american dogs cut up and surrounded with something..maybe it was a corn dog...some egg rolls and different things like that...oh there was some oriental soup also ...but I liked the looks of the next section so I didn't pay much attention to that one ...(that's why I can't really tell you what was on it. The second one had all the traditional dishes found in a Chinese restaurant. I think they cooked chicken about 10 different ways...and I wanted to try all the ways. I have to be careful because of my seafood allergy but there was plenty there that I could fill my plate up with. I tried to be good and stayed away from the heavy calorie items even though they looked scrumptious. I took a little bit of several things...all pretty much yummy. My second plate consisted of the items I especially liked. Then I figured I better quit. The third serving area was all desserts and I didn't get to go there.

Sally and I had a nice chat. I was seeing a lot of acquaintances I knew...a steady stream of people kept coming in all the while we were there. When we left there was also a line. The price was good...4.99 with our Senior Discount. We will certainly be doing that again. We parted and I headed off to do my errands and shopping. I passed a Chinese restaurant that has been in this town since I moved here 30 years I have never been in because I heard it wasn't that good. There was only one car in the parking lot so I wouldn't be surprised to see them closing up one of these days very soon. There is another Chinese restaurant in the KMart Plaza. It is mostly a take out order place with a few tables if you want to eat it there. No atmosphere at all...I hear they are having a tough time and are running a lot of sales since the new one came to town. I had to go downtown to get a signature from Tim. Darn I should have told him I was coming as the office was locked. My keys were on my other set of keys I don't carry any more. I decided to do some of what I had to do and come back later.

Dropped my taxes off at the accountant...YEA!! and then headed to
the bank and then the KMart shopping Plaza. I needed to stop and get a new filter system for my fish died this week...then to Radio Shack for a new cartridge for my printer. Then to KMart to pick up some odds and ends. Needed some cosmetics and decided to get the 3 Harlequin Intrigues I didn't get last week...Wrong!! They were gone and only had Harlequin Silhouette's and Romances. I picked up a Nora Roberts Book instead. Also found a Weight Watchers Cook Book...their latest one.

Decided to head back to the office before I did my grocery shopping and found Colleen there. Seems Tim was home making Maple Syrup... I explained this had to be put in the mail before 4/1 so she called his wife and she will pick it up at the office and have him sign it and mail it.

Went and got my groceries and headed home. I was sure tired. The evening consisted of watching TV and embroidery.

Hope you all have a great day.


At 1:07 PM, Anonymous Mare said...

Lynn, the restaurant sounds fantastic and the price was unbeatable! Yum. :o) ~ Mare


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