Friday, April 07, 2006

THURSDAY - Trip to Town

Today I have to go to town. I need to run errands and do some grocery shopping. My morning is spent doing the usual and I am ready around 12:30 to leave. My first stop is at the gas station. I have been putting it off but now the tank is past 1/2 so I pull in to get her filled up. Yikes over 30.00.....sickening. On my way again...heading for Tim's Office to pick up the mail. Had a little chat with them and then I headed for Price Chopper to get my groceries. Ran into my ex-girlfriends ex-husband. We just smiled and said hello and I kept walking quickly. Didn't want to have a conversation with him.

When I finished there I headed to the Bank...then to the strip mall. My first stop was at Jo-Ann Fabrics...that picture I am doing sometimes takes 5 strands and it is breaking my needles so I need to buy some more. Also want to get some stuff to spray on my silk plants to clean them. I made a mistake and looked at the silk plants and found two for my mantle. They fit right into my western theme. The Pots have a strip of leather and beads wrapped around them. I'm thinking the mantle but we will see how it looks when I get them home.

I decided not to go to KMart today so I headed to Aldi's...another grocery's one where you bag your own groceries. I needed a couple of items there.

Now I was on my way home. Didn't have that much to do this week. When I got home I put the groceries away and started was a bit early but since I didn't have lunch I was starved. Just as I was finishing Dorothy called and wanted me to come have supper with her but it was too late. She wanted to know if I wanted to come play cards but I begged off as I was tired.

I did some bookkeeping work and then went to watch TV. I didn't feel like embroidering and I kept dozing off so I don't know what I watched. I finally gave up and went to bed early.... read a chapter and lights out.

Hope you all have a great day.


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