Sunday, April 09, 2006

SATURDAY - A Night Out

I wasn't able to sleep in this Saturday as I had to bring my cookies to KMart for the Senior Citizens Bake Sale. I was suppose to be there at 9:00 but no way was I going to be able to make it. I got up at 8:00 but was slow moving. I figured that an hour or so later wasn't going to make that much difference. If they were selling good they would welcome new supplies at that time. :) As I was getting dressed, Dorothy called me and told me she had been out there and they were loaded with baked goods and no room on the table for any my plan was working out. LOL I also had to go to Jo-Ann Fabrics and exchange the can of silk flower cleaner I had bought as it wasn't spraying right.

I got to KMart some time after 10:00 and it worked out great. There was now some room on the table for my cookies and I saw two other ladies bring in their baked goods I was not the only one late. I heard later that the Bake Sale brought in close to $300.00.. Everyone was pleased. I was successful exchanging the plant cleaner and headed home.

I spent the day working and taking breaks watching TV and embroidering. I did clean all my silk flower plants but was disappointed. It didn't do the nice job that a brand I had used before did...wish I could remember what it was. I am going to try another brand Jo-Ann Fabric has. Next time I am in the store I will pick some up. They do look brighter and cleaner from a distance but up close not so good.

Dorothy called me to tell me the "girls" were picking me up about 6:20 to go to the Moose Club. The Old Timers Band was playing there. To tell you the truth I was not really looking forward to it this time. I said last week I had a good time and I did but when I had those few dances I felt that I was stiff and awkward. As I said before I haven't danced in 25 years so it was a bit scary. I was afraid that this week it would be the same and I would stumble and get embarrassed. Since I am determined to have a new life though I am not going to give up and stay home. The "girls" picked me up and they were all excited about an evening out dancing and I was trying to show some enthusiasm.

We arrived and the parking lot was loaded with cars...not like the night we came and a different band was playing. The gentleman we danced with last week, Maurice was there and he was waiting for us. We sat together at the same table. We ordered our drinks...I had a wine cooler and hoped that would help loosen me up. It wasn't too long when Maurice asked me to dance. We were all taking turns again. LOL But WoW!! I was dancing...I was really dancing! It was a slow number but it was a fast slow number if you know what I mean and I was keeping up...and I could see that Maurice was pleased...the other 3 "girls" are good dancers...they have danced all their lives. I ended up dancing with Maurice 4 times... I danced with Dorothy twice...and when I was left at the table by myself I got up and asked a lady I knew to long as she could lead. LOL I was so proud of myself for that. It was fun to walk in and have people know me now and be greeted and the same when we left. There was some new people there that I knew and they told me they were happy to see me out having fun. And you know what...I was having fun!!! This is great exercise. I ended up having 3 wine coolers during the evening. Hope all the dancing I did didn't come out of the bottles. That will be put to the test Tuesday as the band is playing at the Senior Citizens in Malone. We will be going to that and I think the dinner before the dance starts too. I was kidding with Dorothy and told her since there is no drinking at the Senior Citizens dances I will have to bring a flask in my purse... ROFL!!

I didn't get home till have 11:00 and had to unwind a little so it was kinda late when I got to bed...Thank goodness I can sleep in Sunday and I will!

Hope you all have a great day!


At 12:51 PM, Anonymous Mare said...

I'd say, take the flast, just in case. LOL

I enjoyed reading that, Lynn :o)


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