Tuesday, April 11, 2006

MONDAY - Start of a Full Week

Well my furbabies alarm clocks were back in working condition and got me up on time. I spent the morning doing some housework and on the computer. I went to Mike's to get my work for the day and had a nice chat with Lisa. She invited me to Easter dinner. She is a great cook so I am looking forward to that. I went last year too. She invites her mother and mother-in-law so that makes it nice as I have women around my age to talk to.

After lunch I got to work. Monday is the day I work on time sheets and I had daily reports to write up and invoices to post. Had to start a round of billing for Tim so I was busy all afternoon.

For supper I decided to try something new. I had bought a package of seasoning to make Chinese Broccoli and Beef...one of my favorite Chinese dishes. I had all the ingredients so decided tonight was the night to make it. Came out pretty good if I say so myself...not as good as the restaurants but not bad. As I was relaxing watching TV and embroidering Dorothy called. Her sister had given her a Blazer and top that was too big for her and her sister wanted me to try it on...she asked if I could come over... I said sure. When I got there I tried the jacket and it seemed to fit...I asked her if I could take the top home and try that on there and she said sure. She said her friend Elaine was coming to play a game of cards and would I like to stay and play a game. I said okay but just one game. We had a lot of good laughs and I left before 9:00. This is the card game we play. Phase 10

When I got home I watched Deal or No Deal and a CSI program and then got ready for bed. I decided to retry the jacket and as nice as it is it just isn't my style. I tried the top and was disappointed as it was too tight. I loved the color...sort of a lime green...loved the neckline but it did nothing for me so I will return both tomorrow with my regrets.

I am picking up Dorothy tomorrow at 4:30 to go to SC for dinner and dancing.

I read some and then it was lights out.

Hope you all have a great day!


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