Sunday, April 16, 2006

SATURDAY - Some Rest and the Mantle

I slept in about 30 mins and I got going because I had to make out checks and send in Mike's extension for his personal taxes. I drove them to the P.O. because I wanted to make sure they were postmarked and on their way. Around noon I made brunch of turkey bacon and egg beater eggs on my new griddle. The only item I needed this week from Aldi's was turkey bacon so I decided to spend a little more and get it at Price Chopper to save me time. It was made by Oscar Meyer so I was expecting it to be better than the one I get at Aldi's. Well the texture is more like real bacon but there is no taste. I think I will make sure that I get a few pkgs at Aldi's and throw some in the freezer to make sure I don't run out again and have to get it at Price Chopper.

After I ate the phone rang. I didn't recognize the name on my Caller ID so I thought it was either about ceramics or a wrong number. Turned out to be one of the ladies from Senior Citizens in town. She wanted to know if I could give her the recipe for my Broccoli Casserole because she wanted to make it for her family for Easter. I was so flattered and said sure. We also chatted a bit. I have made a new friend I think. Boy that recipe sure broke a lot of ice at the club.

In the afternoon I rested a little...watched some recorded TV but then I decided it was time to tackle my mantle. I have always had Milk Glass pieces up there and since I am changing my decor to western I had packed it up at Christmas time and put it away. I still had some holly and winter stuff on the mantle. A couple of years ago I had bought some garlands of different kinds of silk flower ivy when they were on sale. I had been looking for baskets to put them in but what I found was too expensive or just not right. This past week Jo-Ann Fabric had their baskets on sale for 50% off and I found what I had been looking for. I made up the arrangements in each basket. I had bought a couple of western looking pots with a silk plant in them a couple of weeks ago. Two of them didn't look right on the mantle but one in the center did. I also on one of my trips into Jo-Ann's, bought some pottery pots in earth tones. This week I found some bouquets of what looked like spring wild flowers to put in them. The clusters were a bit long so I had to cut them and what a job that was. I couldn't find my husband's wire cutters but I did find a tool that helped and perseverance paid off and I got them shortened. My mantle is very high up so I had to make many trips up and down a step ladder to get everything in it's proper place...spaced out correctly. I am including a picture but it doesn't really do it justice...does give you an idea of how it looks. I am not done yet. I have picked out a couple of Indian pieces that I am going to send a way for to fill in.

I had a baked potato I brought home from the restaurant Friday night for supper with some stuffed Cod Fish. Yum Yum. The rest of the evening I relaxed and watched TV....mostly stuff I had recorded...trying to clean out my DVR for the new week. I did a little embroidery also.

Off to bed at the usual time as I was tired. I read a chapter and had lights out but for some reason I couldn't fall asleep..lights back on and read a little more before I finally was able to call it a night.

Hope everyone has a great day and HAPPY EASTER!


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