Thursday, April 20, 2006

WEDNESDAY - Another Average Day

When I was dressing this morning I was looking for a light sweat shirt as the house is still chilly...the warmth from outside hasn't penetrated yet. I found one I hadn't worn in a couple of years. Tried it on and it FIT!! That started off my day in a good vein. I weighed in this morning and saw that I had lost 1/2 lb...very happy about that because of all the eating out and Easter... I have been cheating. I have been more active though so that is probably helping.

Spent the day working on books except for the quick trip to town I had to make. Mike needed me to do some banking and so I stopped at Aldi's and picked up a few things I needed. That should do me for this week...I'll stay home and save some money.. LOL Speaking of saving money...when I got the mail today there was a bill from my accountant. My first thought was how much did he go up this year?? To my utter amazement it was $75.00 less. I guess it's because I am finally single now and not jointly. That was a pleasant found money!

In the evening I watched TV....Amazing Race first..I was taping Bones so I couldn't tape the Cooking show..but I heard it was also on Bravo so I found it and it was on later in the evening so I taped it to see later. Next was American Idol final...anyone else surprised (shocked) to see Chris in the bottom 3...that will take a little wind out of his sails. I watched Bones that I had taped and then headed to bed. I wanted to get up early the next day as I have a lot to do before I can go out for the evening.

Hope everyone has a great day!


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