Friday, April 28, 2006


I am not going to bore you with my Monday and Tuesday as they were just typical working days and the evening I watched TV. I enjoyed American Idol and I am still cheering Taylor on. I must say though Chris was very good. Nashville Star was also great. I still want Chris to win but boy was Casey good...he really did a super job on that song. Only one more week and the winner will be named.

Wednesday was a typical work day but I had to get ready to go to the Moose Club where our local Senior Citizens was having our Easter Dinner. I drove over to Dorothy's and picked her up. I was doing the driving for a change. I figured it would still be light when the dinner was over as we wouldn't be playing Bingo. They had us set up in a nice section which included a fire place. Tables of 6 where set up for us. I think 23 or 24 people attended. The dinner was very good. We sat at a table that had a couple that lives up the street from me and we had a nice time chatting. I handed out my recipe for the Broccoli Casserole to those that wanted it and there were many. After the dinner some of the other people came over to chat with us. The President of the Club told me that he was trying to work something out where he would share my booth at Market Barn with me. Again I felt a part of the group... We left and when I got to Dorothy's she invited me in to play a game of cards. I did and left around 9:00.

Thursday was another typical work day but I had to stop early and get ready for Theresa and the girls to pick me up at 4:00. We went to the Senior Citizens in a nearby town. We were going for supper and the dance. So different walking into these now as so many people are now familiar faces and are greeting me with a smile and hello. Maurice joined us at our table and we had a lovely pork chop supper. After the meal came the dance. During the evening a wife of one of the muscians came over to talk to me. She said that ever since she was introduced to me she has been trying to place me. She knew she had met me before. What a memory she has. It seems that we were set up together at some craft shows and that was way back when my husband use to set up for our business. She remembered him and how he use to wear bib overalls and a straw cowboy hat...she thought he was real cute hahahaha. She is a real nice person and so is her husband so that was nice that we had that chat. I did a lot of dancing but no square dancing...I was kinda tired. Barbara said that she was happy I had joined them and that it was like a big family and that is a good way to describe the feeling you get at these dances. Like a bunch of relatives come together for a party (without the fighting LOL). I mentioned before how the married men even dance with other women ...friends of the wife. Well as we were leaving one said goodnight to me and he said I'm dancing with you next time... So I guess I am being accepted in the group. *smiles*

Have a busy week-end ahead. Saturday night I am going to church with the girls then we are going to Theresa's house for supper..then driving to Maurice's and he will drive us to a dance 20 miles away. Sunday we are going to the AMVETS for supper. I need some rest... LOL

Hope you all have a great day!


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