Sunday, April 30, 2006

SATURDAY - Best and Worst Dancer

I tried to sleep in a little as I knew I had a long day ahead of me. After I got dressed I went over to Mike's to see if he had any daily reports for me and to find out what he needed me to get done that had to be finished on the week-end. Went back home to work on that. Made me some brunch and did a little house work.

The day was short as I had to drive over to Dorothy's for 3:30...that meant I had to stop working about 2:00 so I could shower and get ready. Everyone was ready to leave for church when I got to Dorothy's so I parked my car in her driveway and got in Theresa's for the ride to church. I again enjoyed the Mass and felt a sort of peace...I haven't received Communion yet. After church we headed to Theresa's for dinner. She had made a dinner which included sliders. This was my first time having them. In case you don't know what they are here is a definition.

An old French Canadian recipe which originated during the depression. It consists of tender pieces of chicken or beef and homemade noodles swimming in a delicious gravy.

She had mashed potatoes, broccoli, relishes, tossed salad, rolls, and slices of beef to go with it. She had cherry cheesecake for dessert. We were stuffed when we finished and weren't sure how we were going to dance. BTW, Maurice had joined us at church and also for dinner. He had followed us in his car. During the meal we discussed us taking turns on Saturday night hosting a meal. After dinner Theresa brought out her old wedding album. As she is married to (but legally separated from) Dorothy and Reba's brother, it was fun seeing how all three of them looked at the wedding 50 years ago. They were in her wedding party. After helping clear the table Maurice said he would head over to his house with Reba and we could meet there. Theresa was going to leave her car at his house and he was going to drive us the rest of the way. I wanted to stay and help clean up but I was told to go with them. I think they wanted me to chaperone Maurice and Reba hahahaha! We went in for a few minutes at Maurice's while we waited for the others. When they arrived we were off for the next leg of the night.

The route we were taking was the same as the other night he drove us but we were going another 7 miles out. We saw wild turkeys in the fields...and passed a couple of Amish farms. Those Amish people that were out waved to us. We saw one Amish farmer leading two beautiful work horses. We saw the farm with the Emus and the Llamas and then we had to brake as 4 white tail deer crossed the road in front of us...they are beautiful but scary how they come out of nowhere and sprint in front of you. We made a note to be careful going home on that road at night. We also passed another farm with some animals which I am not sure what they were. I think they were some sort of sheep I had never seen before. I commented that it felt like we were going through a zoo.

When we arrived we discovered that the dance was being held in the town's Town Hall. Wow, this was the biggest and nicest set up I had seen. We did have to climb a flight of stairs to get their though. The usual crowd was there with a few new faces. After greeting those we knew we found 5 seats together..we got there just as the band was playing the first song. Okay..the title talks about the best and the worst dancer. We were soon to see the worst dancer. Her and her husband were seated on our side of the room at the end...and here they came...all our mouths fell open. Where they learned to dance I will never know! The steps instead of being flowing were done with force and stomping. We could feel the vibration in the floor as they went by. Then came the step dance which he didn't do..she did it with other women and I never saw anything like it...she was kicking up her leg and everything was moving...square dancing was the same thing...everyone had to get out of the way of her kick...and when there was swinging she didn't let the man lead..she just about knocked them off their feet...we were just dieing laughing. I said there is no way she is going to keep up this tempo all night...everyone agreed...but you know what...SHE DID!!! Right to the very end. We were laughing at her but not in a mean way...I mean the woman (I'd say they were in their 50's or 60's) was just enjoying herself and you could tell she thought she was a great dancer...she was having fun!! and that's what it was all about...but it was fun to watch too LOL.

We were there about an hour when I saw a young couple show up. I would say they were in their early 20's. Now this we had never seen at one of these functions. They started dancing the minute they got their and we saw that she was the dancer and she was teaching him to dance. They were doing a fancy fox trot...or trying to...he had no rhythm whatsoever but he was trying. You could see she had done a lot of dancing...she moved beautifully on the floor. She had a animal skin themed skirt on and long long legs. Well then came what they call step dancing but I have looked it up and it is actually clog dancing. For those of you that don't know what that is think River Dance. Here is a definition I found on a web site.

Clog dancing is a type of dancing of which the three main characteristics are:
1. boisterous, fast footwork with steel plates or taps on the shoes
2. a fairly rigid torso
3. an up and down knee motion that differs from most other dance forms

The places we go do not allow steel plates or taps on shoes but everything else fits the description. Now you know why I can't do is completely foreign to me. She tried dancing it with him but he was hopeless and she was amazing. Well we found out later that she was there with her mother and father..they were the seniors...and her mother taught clog dancing. They did a dance together but the daughter was the better of the two....maybe the mother was when she was that age but the daughter was totally awesome that night.

She had never square danced but she wanted to learn... She caught on real quick and it was wonderful to watch her do what they call "right and left hand family". Now Miss Worse Dancer and her husband were in this same group so it was something to watch.

I didn't dance as much as usual because I didn't feel like it. I was weighed down with that heavy meal and was kinda tired but I had a blast watching the dancers. There were some others there last night I had never seen before and they were good dancers and it was fun to watch them too. I did square dance once and everyone said I had improved. I mentioned to the group that this was only my second time and told them where I got mixed up and the man to my right said he would make sure I was headed in the right direction and he kept his word! He had a hold on me and made sure I was where I was suppose to be LOL. He said he had been square dancing since he was 8 years old.

Another thing we were watching was this nice looking man who was sporting a very bright new wedding band dancing with a lot of different women. I had overheard someone ask him if he had just gotten married but I was walking by and didn't hear the answer. We were trying to figure out who he was with. He was sitting near this heavy set woman but he never danced with her. Almost always a different woman..rarely the same one twice. He was a very good dancer too. During the last square dance I see him cross the floor coming directly at me. He had been sitting directly across from me. I said to myself he can't be coming to talk to me...but he came and sat down next to me. He introduced himself and said that he was married and pointed out the heavy set lady. He said that she had arthritis real bad and couldn't dance but didn't mind him dancing with other women. He asked me if I danced and I said yes. He wanted to know if he asked me to dance would I reject him and I said no. He thanked me and left. I thought that was very gentlemanly of him to approach me that way. I don't remember seeing him have conversations with the women he danced with previously....unless he had these conversations at prior dances..or I just missed it. Well they played another couple of dances and he didn't ask me and I was kinda glad because they were fast ones. It was getting close to the end of the dance...10:45 and we wanted to get out before the crowd. Reba is still using a cane and there were stairs she had to handle. We waved good-bye to everyone and they waved to us...we had to pass this man who was resting and he said "I didn't get my dance with you". I told him I was sorry but I was outnumbered on the decision to leave...maybe next time. *smiles*

On the way home, on that same road we had the deer cross we saw the eyes of 5 deer on the side of the road at different intervals...that was a bit scary. Oh I have to update you on Reba and Maurice. I found out later that he held her hand all the way home and he asked her if she would go out to lunch with him this week. They are just soooo darn cute!! We changed cars at Maurice's and then I got in my car at Dorothy's and headed home...I got in at 11:45 That was a long day. I was still wound up from the dance so I watched a CSI I had recorded earlier and then headed to bed. Read for a short period of time and then lights out.

Hope you all have a great day!


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