Friday, March 31, 2006

THURSDAY - Heading to Town

This is the day I am to meet Sally for lunch at the new Chinese Buffet. It is located in one of our Strip Malls...the one that Aldi's is in to be exact. I have heard all good things so I am really looking forward to it. I get on my scale and I actually see it wiggle a bit...oh my is getting ready to MOVE. I can't blow it today at the buffet.

I get washed and knowing it's warmer outside then it's been I look for a top that is lighter than the sweatshirts I have been wearing. I find one that I couldn't wear last year and decide to try it on... IT FITS!!! Well now I am really in a good mood LOL. I do all the things I need to get done and I head out to meet Sally for noon. There is already a lot of cars parked at the restaurant. Sally is out front so we go in and already I am liking it...there is a wall water fountain in the foyer...very pretty and soothing. The atmosphere is very nice inside. We are led to a very comfy booth. The buffet consists of 3 long serving sections. One seems to be not so oriental...kinda american dogs cut up and surrounded with something..maybe it was a corn dog...some egg rolls and different things like that...oh there was some oriental soup also ...but I liked the looks of the next section so I didn't pay much attention to that one ...(that's why I can't really tell you what was on it. The second one had all the traditional dishes found in a Chinese restaurant. I think they cooked chicken about 10 different ways...and I wanted to try all the ways. I have to be careful because of my seafood allergy but there was plenty there that I could fill my plate up with. I tried to be good and stayed away from the heavy calorie items even though they looked scrumptious. I took a little bit of several things...all pretty much yummy. My second plate consisted of the items I especially liked. Then I figured I better quit. The third serving area was all desserts and I didn't get to go there.

Sally and I had a nice chat. I was seeing a lot of acquaintances I knew...a steady stream of people kept coming in all the while we were there. When we left there was also a line. The price was good...4.99 with our Senior Discount. We will certainly be doing that again. We parted and I headed off to do my errands and shopping. I passed a Chinese restaurant that has been in this town since I moved here 30 years I have never been in because I heard it wasn't that good. There was only one car in the parking lot so I wouldn't be surprised to see them closing up one of these days very soon. There is another Chinese restaurant in the KMart Plaza. It is mostly a take out order place with a few tables if you want to eat it there. No atmosphere at all...I hear they are having a tough time and are running a lot of sales since the new one came to town. I had to go downtown to get a signature from Tim. Darn I should have told him I was coming as the office was locked. My keys were on my other set of keys I don't carry any more. I decided to do some of what I had to do and come back later.

Dropped my taxes off at the accountant...YEA!! and then headed to
the bank and then the KMart shopping Plaza. I needed to stop and get a new filter system for my fish died this week...then to Radio Shack for a new cartridge for my printer. Then to KMart to pick up some odds and ends. Needed some cosmetics and decided to get the 3 Harlequin Intrigues I didn't get last week...Wrong!! They were gone and only had Harlequin Silhouette's and Romances. I picked up a Nora Roberts Book instead. Also found a Weight Watchers Cook Book...their latest one.

Decided to head back to the office before I did my grocery shopping and found Colleen there. Seems Tim was home making Maple Syrup... I explained this had to be put in the mail before 4/1 so she called his wife and she will pick it up at the office and have him sign it and mail it.

Went and got my groceries and headed home. I was sure tired. The evening consisted of watching TV and embroidery.

Hope you all have a great day.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

WEDNESDAY - Long Long Day!

My day started at 5:30, when I woke up to pain in my back... I had an awful time finding a comfortable position to fall back asleep. I finally did so and got up a bit earlier than normal cause my back was hurting so much. It was not in the usual place...lower was up higher around my shoulder blades...I believe it was muscle spasms. I came downstairs and got an ice pack and took some Tylenol Extra Strength. After about 30 minutes I got some relief. I felt pretty good but it hurt to bend over. I made the big decision to NOT bend over!! LOL

Also when I came downstairs I saw that the Monitor was off but it wasn't flashing 8's like usual...there was a E05 printed in the display. I couldn't get rid of it until I pulled the plug and replugged it in. All was fine...then I noticed my computer had rebooted so I knew something had happened to the power. Maintenance that I have done at 1:00 am wasn't done so it happened early in the night. I noticed it effected the DVD Player but not the clock on the stove...nor had it effected my clock upstairs or the electric blanket. Very strange. I went out to the shop and saw that Monitor with the same E05 displayed...pulled the plug and got that one going.

The rest of the morning I spent doing house chores...Swifter Mopped my floors and couldn't believe the cat hair I picked up...CarpetFlicked my rugs too... I went out to the porch and I brought a comb with me. the cats were laying on a table in the sun so I backed combed them and they were loaded with loose fur...must be shedding already. Dora was the worst. Small as she was she had as much loose fur as the two big males. Garfield was the worst of the boys...Creamsicle wasn't bad at all. When I finished I had enough fur to shape into the size of a golf ball.

I went over to pick up work at Mike's and there wasn't anything...I thought I can finish my books. Shortly after I returned home the phone rang and it was Mike on his cell phone. He asked me to prepare some special breakdown sheets for a customer and he needed it done right away...also finalize the billing for that customer. I gave it a shot knowing that it probably wasn't exactly what he wanted... but it would give us something to work with when he got home tonight. This customer is being billed many many thousands of dollars so it needs to be right. I did get to finish my books.

I wasn't too tired at supper time so instead of throwing in a WW frozen dinner I made a stir fry. I was watching for Mike and he came home in the middle of my dinner.. When I was finished I went over and we went over what I had done. I was right it wasn't exactly what he had in mind but it gave him something to look at and change to his liking. We talked for a few and by the time I left there it was 6:45. I went back home and prepared what he wanted and made all new copies and by the time I finished it was 7:45. Brought it back over and left it as he was at a wake.

I watched TV last night but no emboridering... I was too tired. Oh and I noticed when I came back from Mike's the first time the house smelled bad from the stir fry so I sprayed with Febreeze Air Effects that I bought the other day. The second time I came back to the house it smelled wonderful...that stuff really works. (I do a lot of commercials here don't I? LOL) I watched American Idol and they sent the right one home. I watched Bones and a recorded CSI and Deal or No Deal. You can watch a lot of programs when you record commercials...

I was off to bed at the usual time and read a little and then I was gone. My back felt a bit tight but that was all...thank goodness. I suspect it had to do with my riding the bike. I hope not.

Hope you all have a great day.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

TUESDAY - Busy Busy Busy

So nice to get up to a sunny day and the temps are warmer now... starting off in the 40's. After my usual, slowly waking up routine of reading emails and forums while I have my coffee, I went across the street to pick up work at Mike and Lisa's. Had a chat with Lisa and then Lisa, my computer techie and Mike's came downstairs...she had been working on Mike's computer...we had a nice chat too.

After I left I took a little stroll around the yard looking for signs of Spring. Saw the domestic ducks swimming with a pair of wild ducks on the pond next door. Came home and worked on payroll...making out checks from the OK'd timesheets. After I finished that I decided I needed to dewinterize my home. Took down all the poinsiettas and holly and such and bagged everything up. The only thing I didn't get to was the mantle. Will do that tomorrow. I noticed I need to buy some silk plant cleaner as my silk plants are very dusty...that is marvelous stuff and will make them look like new again. During the morning I got on my exercise bike for 5 mins since 10 mins seemed to be too much for me to start off hips hurt like hell after the last time.

After lunch, I got back on the books and typed up and wrote up Mike's Daily Reports. I had invoices to post and copies of invoices and Daily Reports to print out. I finished about 4:00..oh and I did another 5 mins on the bike. I decided to tackle my books and got a lot done. All I have left is inventory, accounts payable and filling out accountants form today. I should/will have them ready to take to the accountant tomorrow.

After supper I relaxed and watch TV while I embroidered. I watched American Idol...didn't think it was a very good night..but I of course enjoyed Taylor. I am going to be behind him all the way....but I am afraid he isn't going to win. I suspect it will be either Chris or Katherine. I then watched Nashville Star and I still can't pick one...I like them all.

Then it was lights out and up to read which didn't last long..I barely made it through the chapter and it was lights out again. My babies were tired too as they were already getting settled on the bed. They usually join me during the night.

Hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

MONDAY - Goals for the Day Fulfilled

Morning was spent doing house cleaning thingys.. also reading email and forums...doing some pixel painting...

My goals for the afternoon was to do a billing project for each of my clients and to work on my books...4/15 is looming. I was able to accomplish that. I think another day or two and I can bring the books to the accountant. I am going to town Thursday..would be nice if I had them done by then.

The evening was spent watching TV and embroidering. I watched Deal/No Deal and some CSI's I had recorded.

Here is a progress picture of where I am after one week of embroidering.

Was a pretty average day.

Hope you all have a great day.

Monday, March 27, 2006

SUNDAY - A Day of Liesure??

My babies let me sleep in so when I got up, I washed up and threw some sweats on and came down to face the day. Again I had big plans for the day and was wondering how much I would be able to accomplish. Spent the rest of the morning on the computer catching up on email and forums...and then decided to make brunch. I am still on my diet...even if the scale refuses to move. I had bought some turkey breakfast sausage and was anxious to try them out with my egg beaters...they weren't bad at all. Nice part is they weren't greasy...

I decided that the major priority of the day was to finish cleaning the living room. I accomplished that and also worked a little on my business books. I got my checkbook posted and all the reconciliations done to date!

The rest of the evening was devoted to watching TV and finish up the DVD's I rented from Netflix. I worked on my embroidery and relaxed.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Started off my day by sleeping in a little...extra 30 minutes is nice. I had a lot of things planned for the day. I was going to wash the floor in the living room and do the rug. I was going to work on Mike's work he brought over yesterday and do an invoice for Tim. Biggest part of the day was going to be working on my books...I still need to get them ready for the accountant...have to post the checkbook and cash bills...price out the inventory...and fill out the accountants form.

Okay so I did a wee bit of Mike's work....did the invoice for Tim...and that's it for work. I was tired so the rest of the day I played on the computer a bit...watched some TV and embroidered.

Let's hope I do better today.

Have a nice day everyone.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

MY FRIDAY - Shopping Shopping Shopping

Friday is always a busy day because I have to put the trash out. This is one of the chores that Howard use to do for me so of course I miss him a bit more on Fridays *smiles*. I am still just putting out the basic trash accumulated during the week...when it warms up and I can work in the cooler parts of the house I will start sorting and putting out more trash from those areas. I started it but as Howard was such a pack rat it is going to take years to do. I will just keep plugging at it when I have the time.

In the afternoon I went shopping. My first stop was at the Ford Dealership. Although I have a Lincoln we don't have any Lincoln dealerships here so Ford is where I have to go when I need a dealer. My remote thingy to open doors and the trunk had died on me. I had them check it at Radio Shack thinking it was batteries but they said the batteries were fine. I had ordered it last week and they told me it would take two minutes to program and I would be on my way. Yup right!! I pick it up at Parts and they send me to Service to get someone to do it. Well he tells me he doesn't know how to do my year..and has to read up on it...but he will be out in 2 secs. Five minutes later he finally shows up...I could see him stopping to talk to everyone on the way....grrrrrrrrr. He opens my glove compartment and gets it to drop down so he can get behind it...has to do something to a wire...then he gets all distracted by a carrier that comes in with new vehicles and he has to chat with a couple more people. Finally comes back and admits that he doesn't know what he is doing...earlier he had mentioned that if he couldn't get it done he would make an appointment with a mechanic and he could do it. I informed him that I was told this would take 2 minutes...not a major project!! Well I guess he could see I was not happy so he said I am going get a mechanic to do this. Another I don't know how many minutes goes by and the mechanic shows up... He knows what he is doing and I am out of there in the 2 minutes it should have taken in the first place!!

Now I can get on with my shopping. I went to Fashion Bug to return a couple of tops I had bought. They didn't fit right. I exchanged them for one that cost about the same as the two but I just loved it. Last night I tried it on and it fits great .... I don't have very many nice tops for the summer so I am happy to add this one to my wardrobe. Went to KMart to pick up cat food...they are the only ones that carry the bigger bags of the brand and type my cats have to have. When it gets a bit nicer I will get it at the Vets... I can't believe it but it's cheaper to buy it there....I guess because I can get the real big bag of it. I got into the cleaning supplies because I had a coupon for a Pledge Duster Plus.. It's like the Swifter Duster only there is a little spray bottle of wax that fits in the handle. I am not crazy about Pledge (I use Old English) but for touch ups (cleaning up nasty paw prints) this works great. I discovered that their duster is softer and fuller than Swifter....has a good handle because of the spray even without the spray I like this duster better than Swifter's. Oh oh cause I have a lot of the refill dusters to use up...LOL I also picked up a Swifter CarpetFlick. That works wonderful to touch up my rugs quickly...don't have to drag out the vacuum cleaner and drag it all around just to get a couple of problem areas..having 3 cats they leave globs of fur and debris from their toys and scratching posts. This is another major change in my life. For years I had a cleaning lady come once a week to do downstairs. I can't afford that I have to do it myself. With the degenerate discs in my back and the bursitis in my hips it's a real chore. I keep looking for items that will make it faster and easier for me.

I am in my second book of a trilogy by Nora Roberts so I decided to check out the books. I miss my subscription to Harlequin Intrique. I was getting 6 books a month and I couldn't afford that any more so I had cancelled it. I noticed that KMart was selling them for 3.45 each. I picked up 3. That I can work into my budget because it will be a while before I need to buy any more..I only read at bed time.

After picking up some cosmetics I needed I finally got to leave KMart and headed over to Price Chopper to do my grocery shopping. Didn't need much...mostly perishables so that didn't take long. Headed home. The weather was warmer than it has been but it had been spitting rain off and on. I decided since the car is sounding so much better and the weather is warmer I would take the back road home. Very scenic and it avoids all the lights and the big 35 mph stretch.

When I got home I was missing Howard again to help me bring in the groceries and help put them away. I sound like I only miss him for the chores he did but you all know that isn't's just about the things that have changed in my life since his passing. The rest of the evening was quiet. I was starved after I put the groceries away so I made me a big grilled chicken salad. Then I caught up on email and forums on the computer. I spent the rest of the evening watching TV and embroidering. Oh before I went to bed I decided to try out the Pledge Duster and I did my whole living room before I went up... LOL

Oh I have been working on some pixel paintings on breaks...wanna see??

Friday, March 24, 2006

MY THURSDAY - Average Day

Well this should be a very short post as yesterday was a pretty quiet day. I chatted with Dorothy during the morning as I did my dishes. I have earphones on my phone and just love it. I need them for when I make calls for my clients and I am stuck on HOLD. This way I can keep working. I use them personally too and can get stuff done like dishes and dusting. If Lloyd calls me in the evening I can do needlework while we talk. Yup money was well spent on those....*smiles*

I checked at Mike's and no new work for me..that is the second day he hasn't given me any invoices or daily reports to work on. I was rather happy because that meant I could work on some other stuff that needs doing. I may catch up yet. I spent all day on the books.. Tim emailed me a couple of things he wanted done. I took one break to do 10 mins on my exercise bike. I have to creep into exercising very carefully.

In the evening I worked on my embroidery while watching TV. Watched some daytime shows I had recorded and then got all set to watch NCIS ...also recorded but it was one I had seen. I watched Bones and the special Extreme Makeover - Home Edition had on. Went to bed around and then lights out.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

MY WEDNESDAY - St, Patty's Day Dinner

Yesterday I spent the day working on clients books. I had to do billing for both of them. The architect's is quite involved so I do a draft first of all his clients adding in the last two weeks time sheets...he looks them over and decides who we can bill. Most of his invoices are what is called Progress Invoices so what I do helps him figure out how much of the job is completed..and what phases. Then he also has me add in reimbursables like mileage and prints. The mason's is quite different. His billing is done with daily job reports. I also have to keep track of materials and this time of year the cost for Heat and Cover. During breaks I worked on pixel painting.

I had to quit a bit early and get ready to go to Senior Citizens for the St. Patty dinner of Corned Beef and Cabbage. I didn't have to bring anything as different ones had volunteered to cook certain portions of it. Never had this type of dinner cooked this way..everything separate..use to everything cooked in one pot so I was looking forward to something different. I had called Lloyd earlier in the day and asked if he would like to attend....and he said he would. He was going to pick me up at 5:45 as the dinner started at 6:00.

I haven't explained who Lloyd is. He is a widower of 4 years. My husband and I use to see him often at the same restaurants we ate at. Being the small town that this is you always acknowledge each other with a greeting. I ran into him a few times after my husband passed away and he was always very concerned with how I was doing and we chatted about our losses. A while back I decided to give him a call and see if he would like to go out as strictly friends...and that is what we do. We go out a couple of times a month. I either invite him to something or he invites me.

Well we arrived and didn't have to wait very long to eat. It was a great buffet and everything was delicious. Dorothy had already arrived and saved seats next to her for us. The same ladies that sat across from us the last time were sitting there again. I had some laughs during the conversations. One was the fact that one lady thought Lloyd was my father... remember I am 63 and Lloyd is 72 or 73... I don't remember. He chuckled and nudged my leg under the table... hehehe. One of the other ladies is starting with Alzheimers. She is 84 and cute as a button. I had the same conversation with her 6 times in a row about what my name was and where I lived...LOL I finally got saved when they started playing Bingo. Oh she also thought Lloyd was my husband even though we had told her our names which of course are different. He was talking about not being a good sleeper and that the other night he got up and baked cookies and Johnny Cake. She looked at me and said aren't you a lucky woman to have him bake for you ....LOL

After the meal we had cake and ice cream for dessert...oh that was real good for the diet..I did choose a small piece though. They held the meeting and we signed up what we are going to make for the bake sale Aug. 6 and he told us he had made arrangements for our Easter dinner to be held at the Moose Club this year. After the meeting we played Bingo. I wasn't as lucky as I was two weeks ago when I won 3 times...I won nothing last night but it was fun.

I should explain about Senior Citizens in my town. Two weeks ago late in the afternoon Dorothy called and asked if I would like to go to a Pot Luck dinner and some Bingo at our Community Center that night. I said sure. I didn't have anything made to bring so she let me pass off her cookies as my own..LOL What I didn't know was it was the Senior Citizens Club putting it on. It is a very small group of about included. It use to be a lot bigger but people have died or moved away (into Nursing Homes) and they are trying to build it back up again. We were welcomed with open arms. We had a good time but we are both not sure how involved we are going to get with it a try. For me it is hard because I am the baby of the group..they all seem to be in their 70's and 80's and yup 90's. But it gives someone to accompany Dorothy and as long as she wants to go I will go with her. Heck it's a night out and it helps support them...all good things.

Well at the end of the evening Lloyd drove me home. He came in for a few minutes and I showed him the project I was working he sews he was very impressed with it.. He didn't stay long and I was able to finally relax. It was about 9:30 so I settled in to watch a couple of programs I had recorded. I watched American long Chicken Little...YEA!!! Then I watched Amazing Race that I didn't get to see the day before. After that I was ready for bed. I was starting a second book in a trilogy written by Nora Roberts...after about 30 mins. of reading it was lights out.

Today is another day of bookkeeping. Hope you all have a great day.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Tuesday - Review of American Idol

Well yesterday nothing exciting happened....that could be a good thing! LOL I worked on the books most of the day. I did take breaks and work on another giggly girl...pixel painting her..there are about 5 or 6 tutorials for them. I think they are so cute. When I was a child two of my favorite things were playing with my paper dolls and coloring so this is just a grown-up version... *smiles* While in Paint Shop Pro, I worked on figuring out how to blow up the chart for my embroidery so I don't have to keep looking at it through a magnifying glass. I finally got it and printed out a section. Last night it went a lot faster.

I watched American Idol while I embroidered. I believe the final 3 are going to be Taylor, Chris and Mandisa. My favorite is Taylor. I wasn't that blown away by his song last night but I enjoyed watching him perform it and he seems to be getting more handsome every week. I also watched Nashville Star and I haven't picked a favorite yet. I am just enjoying the music. I think Wynonna is doing a wonderful job as host. While I was watching that I was recording a couple of other programs to watch later. Ya gotta love the DVR. I will see NCIS and Amazing Race at a more convenient time.

Tonight is the St. Patty's dinner at the local Senior Citizens and I haven't called Lloyd yet. I must do that today. Shame on me for waiting till the last minute.

Hope you all have a great day.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

MY MONDAY - Pixel Painting and Counted Cross Stitch

Spent most of the day working...was trying to post invoices and such for Mike and Tim kept sending me emails to look up stuff for him. On a break I did finish my pixel painting. Excuse the grid but I must protect it. I did this following a tutorial from Angelic Designs. She is my favorite pixel painter.

When I got the mail today I discovered my lighted magnifying glass came in. Now I can start my counted cross stitch project. My home has been Colonial for close to 40 years...and I have been trying to update it. It is all earth tones which are still my favorite so I have chosen Western as my theme. That way I can still keep my earthtones. I need to replace some of my pictures on the walls. Herrsheners came out with a new embroidered piece which I ordered. But I was not paying attention. It is grafted for 18 Aida Cloth and I am use to working with 12 or 14. I could barely see the squares...hence the need for the magnifying glass. This is what it is going to look like. See that green circle..that is how much I did last night. That gives you an idea how long it's going to take me to finish it. LOL

I received a phone call from Dorothy yesterday. It seems she made a mistake on when the Dance is. It's not today but April 4th. LOL Good thing you have to call ahead for reservations. It is something to look forward too. We still have the dinner tomorrow night at the local Senior Citizens. I have asked my friend Lloyd if he wants to go. He said probably so I better call today and firm that up.

Well I have tons to do today so I better get with it. Have to do Mike's payroll and Tim's billing. That should keep me out of trouble. I will take dancing breaks to see if I can build up some stamina. I have bursitis in both hips so I do have to be careful. The spirit is willing but the flesh is screaming like hell!! LOL

Hope you all have a great day!

Monday, March 20, 2006

MY SUNDAY - Working and Relaxing

Because I am still behind in my bookkeeping for my clients I spent Sunday afternoon working. Did mindless work though...just writing up my Mason Client's Daily reports for the week and getting a head start on time sheets. When I took breaks I danced. Yup you heard right...LOL I put on a Classic Country Station on my TV...DVR has that...and I danced. I thought to myself I can do this in public...ummm maybe...ummm if it's crowded and not everyone is looking at me.. *smiles* I chose the Classic Country because that is what I noticed is being played by the band.

When I finished working it was time for supper. I decided on Steak and Tomatoes...I had a potato in my hand that I was going to bake but then I would want butter and sour cream on it so I decided since I needed to use up some tomatoes I would go that it was cooking the phone rang. It was Mike my neighbor (and Mason Client). He said Lisa was having his mother and her mother over for Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner and she had forgot to call me earlier to ask if I would like to join them. I said sorry it's too late...supper is in the broiler.. I didn't mention I was in my jammies too... LOL He was sorry to hear that and I heard Lisa in the background upset at herself for not calling me earlier.

Also during the afternoon Dorothy called to see if I enjoyed myself at the dance...she was worried that I had been bored. I said not at all...I enjoyed getting out and listening to the music and meeting her friends. She said that her husbands band was playing Tuesday night at the Senior Citizens in the next town over..our biggest town..she wanted to know if I wanted to go and we would go for the meal they have before it. I said sure. Going to be a busy week...the following night we have St. Patty's dinner at our Senior Citizens. Dorothy is doing the potatoes for that and I told her to call me if she wants some help peeling them...

After supper I decided to watch some TV... I had watched everything I had recorded..that was unusual but this past week most of the programs I record during the day had been repeats so I was not behind in viewing them. I finished up a DVD I had started...I belong to Netflix..I had one other to watch but it was a movie I wasn't in the mood to see so I just surfed the channels...waiting for Extreme Makeover-Home Edition to come on. Found a program about rennovating houses and that kept my attention till my program came on. It was a 2 hour one and very heartbreaking so I shed some tears.

When that was over, there was nothing I really wanted to see so I decided to do some pixel painting. I chose a new tutorial and worked on that till bedtime. I will show it to you when I finish. I follow the tutorial but I use my own colors to make it mine. I use these in my Incredimail Letters.

Well I better get dressed and get this day going. I have lots of bookwork to do today. I hate tax season..trying to keep up with the daily work and getting last years books ready for the accountant is books are behind and I need to get them done. I haven't worked on my third clients books all year. It's Mike's wife Lisa who has a Beauty Salon in her home. You have noticed that two of my clients live across the neat is that. My other client, Tim the architect is in town..that means the big town next to me. We do almost all the work over the computer..I drop into his office to pick up mail now and then...mostly in the summer...other times his draftsman brings it to me...anything I have to see right away they fax today's technology.

I hope everyone has a great day....

Sunday, March 19, 2006


I Thought I would take this time to introduce you to my 3 babies as I am sure I will be talking about them throughout my blog. They were born in May...the same month as my late husband so it is easy for me to remember. They were also born the year he passed away. I did get them to help fill up this empty house. The boys are orange tabbys named Creamsicle and Garfield...I messed up... Creamsicle is the 20 lb cat and Garfield is the thinner one. Their sister was the runt of the litter and a Tortoiseshell named Dora...she weighs about 7-8 lbs. I didn't originally acquire ex-gf did. She didn't spend a lot of time with her so Dora took out a lot of her frustrations on her and her home. I took her into my home around Christmas of '04 and she has turned into a very sweet cat...who always looks like a big kitten.

This is Creamsicle.

This is Garfield. This is Dora.


Well the "girls" picked me up last night to go to the dance. Here in NY it was freezing cold. We were a bit dissappointed when we arrived to see that it was a very small crowd. I must fill you in on Dorothy at this point. Her husband Howard sang and played in a band. It is the most popular band in the area for our generation and it was playing some where else. That is where the crowd was. They played at the Moose Club last week and the place was packed but Dorothy is not yet up to seeing them. Last night was a "get her feet wet" night. The band that played last night consisted of 3 men on steel guitars. They were good and I enjoyed listening to them. The lead singer could sing anything... from Jim Reeves to Charlie Pride. LOL

Last night had a few firsts for me. First time I have attended a dance in about 25 years and first time I have had a wine cooler...or two.. hehehe I hate wine so I wasn't sure I would like it but I did. I am not a beer drinker which seemed to be the drink of the evening so the wine cooler was perfect for me. It made me feel very mellow...unfortunately not enough to get me on the dance floor.

There were no "spare" men last night so the women were dancing together...especially to the fast dances. I have never been able to do that. I enjoyed watching though. I was happy to see that a few times Dorothy did get up and dance. I knew the reason I was there was to get her through the evening. She did shed some tears and I was the only one rubbing her back and saying comforting words. Her sister and SIL didn't pay any attention to her and they are both widows. She did tell someone she introduced me to that she was happy to have me as her friend at this time as we do things together and help her get through the tough lonely days.

Even though I didn't dance I still had a nice time. I got out, met some new people, and I enjoyed being a spectator and was happy I was able to support Dorothy as she works herself through the grieving process and gets on with her life. When she is ready, we will take on her husbands band...but first we have to take little steps.

Today is Sunday but I am going to do some work for my clients since I am still behind...and then see what I will do with the rest of my day off.. I am on WW so I am off to make my brekky of egg beaters and turkey bacon with reduced calorie toast...yum yum LOL (it's really pretty good)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Going Dancing!

Since I lost my best friend, I needed to reach out and make new ones. About 5 months ago an acquaintance of mine, Dorothy, lost her husband and I called her and offered any help I could give her. We had in common that both our husbands name is the same and that they were both retired military. We also discovered due to some red tape neither of us were getting any of our spouse's military pension. I am young enough to work but she is 78 and it is more of a hardship for her. Anyway I didn't hear much from her for a few months as she has a lot of family here that made sure she was well looked after in the first months.

January she called me and we started to go out together a little....dinner at the local restaurant or the American Legion. One night she called me up to have dinner with her. Another night she invited me over to play cards with her and her sister who also lost her husband 2 years ago. I really enjoy her company as she is a young 78 and is an upbeat person.

I should digress a little. My husband was 20 years older than me...died when he was 82. The last 10 years of his life he was not in the best of health and wanted to stay very close to home. I had a ceramic shop in my home for 18 years....closed it up January '04 and he died March '04. I now just paint and sell at a stall I have in town. So because of this I didn't have a lot of friends to hang with so losing my best friend was quite a blow.

Well tonight there is a St. Patrick's dance at the Moose Club and I am going with Dorothy, her sister, and her sister-in-law. Widow's night out... *smiles* I went yesterday and bought a green top to wear. Buying clothes is so depressing right now. I have put on a lot of weight because during the period of my husbands poor health I ate a lot of comfort food. I have been doing WW and have lost 15 lbs but I am not done yet. The scale is stuck at the moment but I am not giving up.

Well I hope to have more to talk about here in the future... Wish me luck tonight. I hope to have a good time.