Friday, May 05, 2006


Those 3 days were average working days for me. I have been feeling real good so I have been accomplishing a lot...but I still can't seem to get caught up. I may have to work some on the week-ends to do that.

Spring is really here. The weather is warming up and the leaves are sprouting on the trees. I am pretty sure that Donnie, my lawnmower guy will be here this week-end to mow the grass for the first time this season. I had my last fill up for the season too...2.75 for kerosene!!!...I heat with Monitors. Also twice I have looked out my back windows and have seen an animal that I believe is a beaver. I know that they have made dams further up the brook.

I will have to update you on the budding romance between Reba and Maurice. I talked to Dorothy her sister last night and it seems that Maurice stopped in to visit her this week. Now Reba's home is below the road level...something to do with the work they did once on the road. You park the car at road level and then walk down some steps and then a long walk way to the house. The reason I am telling you this is because Reba spotted his car in the parking spot and she didn't have her wig on. Her hair is still growing out from chemotherapy. She ran and bolted the door and then bolted for her wig...hehehehe She grabbed it and headed for the door only to realize she had it on backwards... LOL. When she finally got it straight she let him in. She gave him a tour of the house...and she was telling him about a new dress she had bought for a family wedding coming up. She was in her bedroom showing it to him when her granddaughter popped in....LOL She of course got all embarrassed. He invited her out to dinner but the two nights he mentioned she had other plans but he said he wasn't going to give up... awwwwww STAY TUNED LOL!

I was over at Mike's picking up work and Lisa's Mom Sally was there having her hair done. Lisa has a beauty salon attached to her house. Sally lived there when I first moved here so I know her very well. Anyway the minute I walked into the salon she said boy it sure is showing now how much weight you have lost. That sure made my day. I can see the difference now too and that makes me feel better. Still having trouble getting the scale to move though.

Guess that is all the news for now.

Hope everyone has a great day!!


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