Tuesday, May 02, 2006

SUNDAY - A Day of Much Needed Rest

I got to sleep in and really enjoyed that. I decided not to stay in jammies so I just threw on some sweats. I spent the whole day relaxing, embroidering and watching stuff I had recorded. In the evening I watched TV and embroidered some more. Oh I almost forgot. I did go out and work in my flower bed...got it all cleaned out. The dancing and losing weight must be getting me in shape because I was able to do it all at one time. Last year I had to do it in sections and rest in between. I wasn't even that tired when I finished. Wow!! What an improvement. My next project outside is to sweep out the porch and entry way and wash down all the plastic furniture. Need a nice warm day for that.

Went to bed the usual time and read and then lights out.


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