Monday, May 08, 2006

SUNDAY - Yard Work

I slept in a little the week-end. Took my time getting dressed. Made brunch around noon like I did yesterday. While I was cooking I could here commotion outside and it was the guy who mows my lawn. I wanted to give him a $5. raise because of the price of gas and he hasn't gone up on my price in years. I know he charges other people $20 - $30 and he only charges me $10. I took a $20. out to him and asked him to give me back $5. He said NO!! I said YES! the price of gas has gone up. He said $10. is just fine and handed me back a $10. I thanked him and told him to let me know when he needs more. He mows about a 2 acre lawn for heavens sake.

After brunch I decided to paint my fences. I had bought some spray cans of paint at KMart for $1.49. I bought out all they had which was about 25 cans. The fence has to be painted every year no matter if I buy expensive paint or cheap paint so I go for the cheap naturally. Last year I didn't have the desire or energy to do it so it really needs it this year. This year I am in pretty good shape. I didn't get tired painting...but my trigger finger did. I took one break after the long fence was half done. Came back and finished that fence...the black flies were getting bad and I forgot to spray myself. I have about 8 cans left. I hope to get more done today.

I spent the rest of the day watching stuff I had recorded...still trying to catch up. A lot of programs will be ending their season so that shouldn't be a problem next month...will be lots of reruns.

I made that vegetable dish for dinner. Was very good. I have enough left for a meal tomorrow.

Went to bed the usual time and read. The kitties have been ready for bed at the same time since they have been on the porch...all that fresh air seems to tire them out LOL. Lights out after a chapter or so.

Hope you all have a great day.


At 11:30 AM, Blogger Ron Southern said...

Our yard man is pretty nice, but yours is way better! What a nice guy. Lucky for you.


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