Wednesday, May 10, 2006

MONDAY & TUESDAY - Very Full Days

Monday got up the usual time and put in a hard day on the books. I also went out and did some work in the yard. I have the two big planters painted and cut the grass around them where the mower didn't get. Watched TV in the evening and the usual routine...reading and lights out.

Tuesday I had to do payroll for Mike and as much book work as I could before it was time to get dressed. Dorothy was picking me up around 4:00. Supper starts at 5:00 but when we arrived the parking lot was already filling up. Maurice beat us there so he saved us seats. Theresa and Reba didn't get there till 5:00 because Reba got detained at the dentist. We had a nice roast beef dinner and banana cream pie. You can't beat it for $2.00. Then we gave another $2.00 for the dance. I forgot to mention Saturday about the 50-50 draw. They always have one at the Seniors to help raise money. Saturday Reba won was $39.00 and she gave it to her nephew to help defray his expenses for his trip here to see his dieing mil. Reba won it again last night for $60.00!!! Everyone said she won it again because she gave it away the first time.

There was a real nice turn out for the dance. It was warm though and our new water bottles sure came in handy. I did lots of dancing. What was cool is that other women (other then our clique) were coming to ask me to dance. I danced with Theresa and I hadn't danced with her in a few weeks and she said boy have you gotten better!! I did a square dance and only messed up at the end ...I had gotten dizzy from one of the parts...LOL It ended at 9:00.

I watched American Idol that I had taped when I got home. Taylor is still my boy!! *smiles* I watched a CSI I had taped and then headed to bed to read. Lights out after a chapter.

Hope you all have a great day!!


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