Friday, May 12, 2006

WEDNESDAY - Local Adult Center Day

I love how they call the Senior Centers "ADULT CENTERS" now...somehow we don't feel so "old" saying that. Anyway, today is the day to go to my local Adult Center for Potluck Dinner and Bingo. I had to do some cooking. I made a Macaroni Bake to take and did get some book work done too. I drove over at 5:30. It is just around the block from my house. Dorothy, Theresa, Reba and Maurice were already there.

I forgot to mention that the night of the dance I had brought some jewelry with me. I had been going through my jewelry box and found some pins. I never was really big on pins and now I don't wear them at all. The girls love to wear pins on their jackets. I let them choose which ones they would goodness they were so happy about them...I got hugs and kisses from the 3 of them. Well at this event they were all wearing one of my pins...I thought that was so cute. We had a great meal. The President was not there due to illness so there was no formal meeting. We went right from the meal to playing bingo. Theresa said she didn't like bingo because she never won...and Maurice said he didn't like bingo but I later found out it was because he couldn't hear very well. Theresa won twice...and Reba helped Maurice play his cards so they both had fun that night! I won once and Reba won twice. Almost all the games were won at our table...LOL A few others we were sitting with won too. I think there was only one or two winnings at the other two tables.

We got done about 8:30. Dorothy invited me over to her place for coffee with them but I declined. I wanted to get home and watch American Idol and see who was leaving. Well I was all set for Katherine to go and was shocked like the rest of the world when Chris was sent packing. My jaw fell to the ground. I was sure it was going to be him and Taylor at the end. Chris doesn't realize it but it was the best thing that could have happened to him I think. An American Idol contract for a rocker is not really a good thing... Bo Bice pointed that out last year. I watched some things I had recorded and headed to bed to read and lights out.


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Good to hear you are still having fun. :)



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