Monday, May 15, 2006


I haven't blogged in a while because nothing very interesting has been going on the last few days. All my days, even the week-end have been filled with my regular routine. I did have a nice Mother's Day as on Saturday I received two Mother's Day from my daughter and one from a lady who is like a daughter to me. Sunday my daughter called and we visited on the phone for a couple of hours...and I enjoyed that very much.

Now to tell you about the neighborhood ducks. It all started when the two men on the street that have large ponds got some ducks. Ray up the street had a lot of ducks so when Roy down the street lost his ducks to some wild animal Ray gave him some of these. Those ducks never forgot the pond up the street and they would travel back and forth up and down the street hanging out at both ponds. It was really cute when they had baby would see a mother duck walking on the street with a line of baby ducks behind her.

Ray did not want his pond over run with ducks so he would give the males away and just keep the females. Well there were also wild ducks landing on these ponds and when their mates where sitting on eggs the drakes were happy to have some extra females to keep them happy.... LOL This year Ray found himself loaded with his black and white ducks have green heads... LOL also they could fly!! There was no catching them to give a way. These ducks have taken over the neighborhood. They don't just walk up and down the road between the two ponds...they stop and hang out at everybody's yard. They are building nests there too. I hear quacking and look out and there are ducks right outside my there are some nestled on my lawn. Cars are constantly slowing down or honking horns for far only one fatality that I know of. They even go further up the street then Ray's pond...something the other ducks never did. The baby ducks have not hatched out yet... this should be an interesting summer duckwise....LOL

Hope everyone has a great day!!


At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like it might get kinda noisy this summer with the population growth your neighborhood is


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