Thursday, May 18, 2006


Monday I did my grocery shopping since I had to some banking for one of my clients. I couldn't believe how much my groceries added up to since it was mostly vegetables and fruit. I went to KMart and bought some more black paint and also some barn red for my wishing well and entrance way. In KMart I found a cute top and another jean shirt...I love those. When I got home I did some bookwork also... After supper I rested a little but then I had to go to the Community Center. There was an informational town meeting about a town water system they want us to vote in... when I got home 2 hours later the evening was my usual watching TV, reading at bedtime and lights out.

Tuesday I spent working on the books...payday for Mike's crew and had to get some billing out for both clients..lots of posting and daily reports to write up. I play poker while I am writing up the daily reports because it is a rather mindless chore. Makes it go faster. I painted a little bit of the wishing well to see if I liked the color..just in case I had to return it the next day. I was anxiously awaiting American Idol. Taylor was just great with his 3 songs...Kat blew me away with Somewhere Under the Rainbow...gave me goose bumps. I still want Taylor to win..but I know that no matter what happens he will have a great career now that he has had all this exposure. He is a STAR and a great Performer! I watched some taped shows, read in bed and lights out.

I had to go to the bank for one of my clients so while I was in town I went to KMart and bought an iron for my new clothes. I only had an old non steam iron for doing up my doilies when I use to make's full of starch. Wow! The new ones are non-stick and the one I got (Black & Decker) shuts off if unattended for 10 minutes. I like that feature. I ran a couple of other errands while I was at it. One was to return some red raspberries I had bought that had no taste... I paid 2.99 a container for them and had got 4 of them...blah yech!! I took the money and bought a small bag of cherries...the bag cost 10.00...they are selling here for 6.99 a lb....isn't that awful!!! It is expensive to be dieting...I could be popping chips in my mouth a lot cheaper LOL.

I couldn't spend too much time in town as I had to get home and get ready to go out. Theresa and the girls were picking me up at 3:30 or so. I got home and changed ...did my nails and it was time to go. We drove to Maurice's and got in his car to go the rest of the way. The dance is about 20 mins from my house. On the way we saw a farm/ranch that is raising buffalo. Saw some babies too. The next farm had a few Elk. We arrived at the Adult Center and I was amazed to see it. It looked like it was especially built to be an adult center...all the ones we have gone to have been in a building that was converted for that use. I found out later that a very rich resident gave the money for it and the Senior housing that is next door to be built. It borders the water... It was so nice inside.

When we went in I saw a lot of familiar faces. The groupies were there...LOL We were going to have dinner and the dance would follow. Do you remember my telling you about the man that came over to talk to me at one of the dances...the one that his wife has arthritis and doesn't dance but encourages him to dance with other women? Remember he was going to ask me to dance but we left too early. Well he was there with his wife. I think he lives in this town because he was helping clear the tables with the other volunteers...either that or he is just a very helpful person. He made several trips to our table but never made eye contact with me.

During the dance he asked maybe 4 or 5 different ladies to dance. He never danced more than two with them..and that was only a couple of the ladies. A blond lady arrived during the dance and she sat near him and his wife and he had a lot of dances with her...when he danced with her the dances were more intricate. He is truly a wonderful dancer. I was so hoping he would ask me but then again I was afraid if he did I wouldn't be able to keep up with him. My first dance was with Theresa and I was very stiff...if didn't help that she was too. As the evening wore on and I had danced more I was loosening up and wasn't so afraid of him asking but he still never made eye contact with me. I also noticed that he didn't talk to the women he danced with..but he was a gentleman and escorted them back to their seats.

Towards the end of the evening it was my turn to square dance with Maurice. We needed another couple to make our set and no one was coming forth. I know that the dancer had talked to me during a square dance and he mentioned that he didn't care to do that particular dance....but since no one was coming to join our set he and the blond volunteered. It worked out that he was standing next to me...not once through the whole dance did he show any indication that we had talked before..again there was no eye contact on his part.

Of course us girls had been talking all evening and they knew that I wanted to dance with him...a couple of times he had come in my direction only to veer off to another table to ask someone else to dance. The dance was to end at 9:00...just before 8:45 the blond left. I was hoping this was my chance. I was waiting for the next slow dance and then I saw him get up and headed towards me...inside my head I was saying "ask me...ask me...ask me" and he came right over to me and he asked me!! LOL By this time I was very loosened up and not nervous at all and off we was heavenly!! To finally dance with someone who could really dance.

He is tall and a nice looking man for his age. I told him that I had been watching him dance all evening and that I thought he was a wonderful dancer... He thanked me and said that meant a lot as he hadn't started to dance until after he was 50..and he was self taught. He had bought some tapes and learned from that...he talked about how this throughout the whole dance.. remember he never talked to the other women. I told him that it had been 25 years since I had danced. At the end of the dance he said "well you certainly had no trouble following me." He walked me to my seat and asked me if I followed the band and would I be attending more dances. I said yes...He asked me if I would be going to the one in Parishville...I said maybe. He said then I hope we shall be able to dance again.. It made my night. Remember Dorothy didn't want to go to that dance as it's too far out...I told her she is going!! She laughed!! Now I really have something to look forward to...a chance to dance with a wonderful dancer and maybe he will teach me some of the fancy stuff he does...He does the most wonderful waltz... I don't think he attends the dances in my area though.

We had a safe trip home and I got to watch American Idol to see who was going home. I really wasn't that surprised it was Elliott but I was amazed at how close the votes were for all three of them. The Amazing Race was 2 hours so I had to save that for the next night..I watched Bones instead....reading at bedtime and then lights out.

Hope you all have a great day!


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