Monday, May 22, 2006


Thursday there was a dance but it was in the afternoon and I had too much work to do so I had to pass...also Dorothy and Theresa had catching up to do at their homes so they declined. Maurice and Reba did go by themselves. They had a great time...Reba squared danced 3 times!! This is the same lady that when we started going out a couple of months ago was depending a lot on her cane because of the knee surgery she had. After the dance Maurice took her home and made her supper and then they went to her house and visited for a while...romance is coming a long nicely.. :). I stayed home and worked and in the evening I watched the finish of Amazing Race that I had recorded earlier. I was happy the "hippies" won.

Friday I had a usual day and worked on my books. Had to stop a little early as I was invited to Dorothy's for supper. We were all going to be there. She had stuffed cabbage, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, tossed salad and a scrumtious cake!! Everything was delicious! I had to leave right after dinner as I needed to finish some work that Mike needed for the next day. When I got home I accomplished that and then watched tv for a little while and then off to bed.

Saturday was very rainy...there was talk of going to a dance that night even though Dorothy was a way at her grandsons. Theresa had been fighting a cold and she said she would call me to let me know in the morning...when I didn't hear by noon I called her. Turns out she was in bed sick and Reba was suppose to call and tell me that the plans were off. Theresa and I talked for a few minutes and she asked me to call her later in the day. After I hung up Reba called... she was going to invite Maurice for supper instead of going to the dance. I had lots of work to do and some rest to catch up on so it was okay with me. Later that day I called Theresa to see who she was doing and she seemed a little better.

I noticed that at the dance the other night Theresa was asking me to go outside with her when she would go for a smoke. She had never done that before...she usually went by herself. Then her asking me to call her later in the day Saturday...I was getting the feeling she was reaching out to me to make closer a closer friend. When I last spoke to her on Saturday I told her I would call her again Sunday to see how she was doing.

Sunday after some rest in the morning I finished up some more work for Mike. He came over in the afternoon to go over it...trying to get some billing out. After he left it was around 3:00 so I called Theresa to see how she was. She sounded a whole lot better and she said she had put a pork roast in the crock pot. That sounded good cause the day before she hardly ate anything. We chatted for a while and then she said why don't you come over at 5:00 for dinner with me. Ahhh! A turning point in my life. You see one of the goals this year was to make new friend(s). I didn't want my life tied up with just one friend like I have always had before. I wanted several. My going to dinner with just Theresa meant that I had made ANOTHER friend besides Dorothy. We weren't all going out together because I was a friend of was because I was a friend to all 3 of them! And we could do things separately and apart from each other.

I had a lovely delicious meal and we had a nice chat afterwards. I stayed till about 7:30 and came home to rest and watch some TV. Dorothy called while I was at Theresa's so she is home safe and sound. I went to bed usual time, read and lights out.

I hope everyone has a great day!!


At 1:10 AM, Anonymous Judith Audette said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I wish you many friends and hope that you are comforted by their friendship and support. I want to thank you for the letters. They are lovely. My e-mail is and my name is Judy. If you would like to message I would be glad to message back and be a friend too.
Hugs, Judy

At 5:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, thank you for the lovely grapics on your site , and I do hope you are enjoying a pleasant new time in your life ,hugs Lillian


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